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Tele-Quack Claims Getting An Abortion Could Turn You Lesbian (Unless You Are Already a Lesbian Mom)

Oleaginous  tele-quack Pat Robertson suggested on a recent episode of the 700 Club that abortions will turn women into lesbians. Well, kind of. He opined, “…if these married women don’t have children, if they abort their babies, then that kind of puts them on a level playing field (with lesbians).”

Except, presumably, lesbians who give birth, raise children, and decide not to have abortions because women who love women are more likely to make a conscious choice to get pregnant. Right? So Pat must secretly love lesbians!?

Listen to the latest episode of the GayCities-sponsored comedy talk show Swish Edition as the guys discuss Robertson’s mental stability–and so much more.

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Photo of Robertson via NBC News