Tell Adam Lambert What His New Tattoo Should Be


Adam Lambert already has the Eye of Horus tattooed on his wrist, but he says he wants more! What should it be?

The National Enquirer floated a story way back claiming Lambert wanted permanent eyeliner makeup. And during Idol, responded to an interviewer’s “Tattoos or piercings?” question with “Both.” But if Lambert does get more ink, what should it be? You tell us!

In the meantime, we have an inkling Out editor Aaron Hicklin might have a suggestion where Lambert put it.

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  • RomanHans

    “Property of RomanHans” on his ass.

  • Qjersey

    Skip the prince albert please, I hate metal banging on my teeth.

  • GeoffM

    “Proud To Be Gay”….yeah right.

  • Danny

    “for sale” and a scan code below it.

  • RomanHans

    Sheesh, what the fuck is wrong with people today? Adam is out and proud, but we’re mad because he didn’t want to appear on an out-of-touch magazine with a readership of eight.

    What’ll it be next week, riots because he refused to duet with Elton John?

  • romeo

    “Romeo” “Romeo” on either butt cheek.

  • plutarch

    “I fucked Susan Boyle”

    “She fucked me”

  • Jenn

    I have a better idea. Stop freaking telling Adam what he should or shouldn’t do!! Adam is a creative artist putting out a Kidk Ass album – currentling streaming on MySpace. Adam let your freak flag fly and do whatever you want. Just keep singing!!! This album is truly FANTASTIC!!! Love it!!

  • JLM

    Hicklin is an ASS to chide Adam after putting him on the cover and doing a story on him…LOSERS!!! Adam isn’t obligated to be in any magazine he doesn’t want to.

  • a-cha-cha-cha

    He ain’t no artist, not when you get churned out of hollywood…Gimme a break peeps, you guys dont know what music is.

    His new tattoo should say – ‘EXPIRES on 6/01/08’

  • done4good

    @ sarah

    figures…seems like its the queer girls who have gotten in over their (birkenstocks?) over lame-bert…..Does he remind you of an L word character…Just kidding….

    um, tattoo…..”being pimped out”

  • Shirley

    What you put on the front and back of your body (includes clothing and tattoos) speaks chapters and verses about what’s in your head.
    Just give extra thought about what you do at 27 and hopefully you feel the same at 40, 50, 60, etc.
    The negativism towards Adam Lambert is much more pronounced on gay related blogs. If I were you Adam, I would disavow being gay and either be celibate or cross over to those who truly care about you and your well-being.
    It is truly a downer reading these posts. I wandered onto this site following Adam; and whatever positive feelings I previously had towards the gay community are now disappearing. I don’t hate gays but I do dislike what I am reading about Adam Lambert and all because he said he was gay. As Adam has said before, “God hates hate. Spend your time doing something positive.”
    Stop expecting Adam Lambert to be a poster child for the gay community. It ain’t all that deep – he just wants to be an entertainer and all I want is to be entertained not changed over to being something LGBT.

  • dreamadam

    Adam’s New Tattoo Should, Be An Egyptian Phoenix.
    It Looks Like A Heron And Symbolizes REBIRTH….

  • yousobad


    You’re reading into it way too hard. Do you go to Sarah Lawrence?

  • yousobad

    @ shirley

    nevermind. if you have disappearring feeling over gays by readin this blog then you’re an asshole.

  • RomanHans

    I’ll second the “asshole” comment about Shirley. Unless she goes to right-wing Republican websites and they make her swear off heterosexuality.

  • jay

    You, shirley, are one of the main reasons there is still discrimination; you might happen to like ONE person of a color, creed, sexual identity, but you’re ready to give up on the majority and their rights if someone pisses on the one you like??? Shit, wish you’d get a hateon for O’Reilly and his ilk. Course, they are probably on your DVR season pass.


  • Swarm

    Here’s one for Hicklin:

    “Outclassed by Adam Lambert”

  • GeoffM

    Seems a few Clay Aiken fans have switched ‘artists’.

  • Chinese

    should be the Chinese character: Chao (?)

    for “exceptional”

  • maryann

    I guess Adam Lambert is that famous and popular that he generates negativity and criticism from shallow-minded, narrow-minded individuals…Please, people, go find something else to occupy your small minds.

  • Joey

    I guess Adam Lambert is that famous and popular that he generates undeserving support from shallow-minded, narrow-minded individuals… Please, people, go find something else to occupy your small minds.

  • Marie

    Why does everyone care of what Adam Lambert has to wear, eat, talk to, or have sex with — this is a sick world– You guys mind your own business– let Adam Lambert do what he wants– he doesn’t owe anyone a favour , he doesn’t have to be subjected to this kinds of thoughts–we should all be thankful for His songs and voice and for sharing it to us!!!

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