Terror In The Skies: Supermodels Attack!

may_andersenDanish supermodel May Andersen has been arrested for (alledgedly) fighting with a flight attendant while en route from Amsterdam to Miami, and we are already starting her fan club.

Perhaps under the influence of some mysterious substance, she sealed her jail-destined fate by continuing to fight with authorities who met her at the gate. The kicker: because she’s not an American citizen, she can’t post bail, and has to wait it out in the Miami-Dade county jail until Danish authorities can figure things out. And FYI: the Miami-Dade county jail is not, we repeat, not a glamorous place. It is nowhere near The Delano.

Now, there are three types of stories we here at Queerty simply cannot get enough of:

1) People who get fired from their jobs for doing porn;
2) Gay penguins;
and our absolute favorite,
3) Supermodels who obviously don’t eat, yet have the strength to beat people up.

As for number 3, Naomi Campbell has long been Queerty’s Patron Saint of Tantrum Temperalis. We’ve long admired her handywork from afar, beyond striking distance, and find her to be a true goddess amongst men. We fear her, yet we want to be her someday.

And as of now she is so over. Begone, Naomi, there’s a new bitch in town. Go model for JC Penny.

Andersen has quite the fashion industry pedigree: she’s been the face of BCBG Max Azria, has walked in basically every show worth anything, and her agency Elite Model Management is flummoxed that the normally-passive lovely would suddenly get so malignant. We presume she was cracked out on too many diet pills or something, pulled a Requiem For A Dream and freaked out when she thought the refrigerator was speaking to her, and went apeshit. It’s all good. Hopefully she’ll be smart and become someone’s bitch so she don’t get cut. It would be a shame to mar that pretty face.

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