Texas Fraternity Suspended For Allegedly Denying Gay Pledge

Diwu Zhou/Facebook

The Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity at the University of Texas has been suspended after being accused of withholding membership from a rushee because he was gay.

Civil engineering senior Diwu Zhou told the Daily Texan he rushed the Asian interest fraternity this fall and was asked a “derogatory question” during the interview process. He was eventually denied, and filed a complaint with the school after a fraternity member told him it was because he was gay.

“I feel like more people should know that stuff like this happens on campus,” he said.

Zhou further claims the decision was largely influenced by a group of individuals who unofficially ran the frat underground during a six-year period when it was banned from campus following the alcohol poisoning death of a pledge in 2005. He says the boys who ran the frat underground are still calling the shots even though the ban has ended.

Though the frat has only been suspended in the wake of Zhou’s allegations, a campus official says it “could face disciplinary actions” if they are true. The frat is currently on probation following it’s six-year ban, so a guilty verdict could potentially reinstate the ban.

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