“Texts From Hilary” Bloggers Busted By Secretary Clinton, Invited To State Dept

You’ve seen them. Your friends have posted them on Facebook. Heck, you probably posted them on Facebook. They’re the hilarious images from the Texts from Hillary Tumblr—images of a too-cool Secretary of State Hilary Clinton texting with a variety of people from aboard a military C-17 plane—and they’re the work of gay duo Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith.

Well Hill-dawg has seen them too, and she things they’re a riot. In fact she invited Lambe and Smith to meet her at the State Department on Tuesday. (No, not to ship them off to Guantanamo.)

She gave them a heads up by sending a TFH submission of her own (at right).

Metro Weekly spoke with the guys, who both work in PR in Washington DC. Said Lambe:

“I just kept coming up with perfect results of people like Anna Wintour and Meryl Streep on their phones, and there’s just this natural alignment. I think a lot of people associate those three women in similar circles,” Lambe says by phone this afternoon.”

Given the parody nature of the Tumblr, Lambe said he and Smith were initially suspicious of the authenticity of Clinton’s submission. “They definitely had to tell us a few times, ‘Hey, that really is from her.”

In the end, Smith and Lambe immortalized their meeting with Secretary Clinton yesterday the only way possible: With a photo of all three of them wearing shades and texting on their phones.

And with that, an Internet meme is over. Or is it?

Source Metro Weekly via Towleroad. Photos: Texts from Hilary

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  • timncguy

    Someone translate for me please…..

    “Nice selfie Stace” ?????

    “g2g – scrunchie time” ????

  • Raquel

    His name is Stacie and he’s taking a self portrait so she’s mocking that. And just google scrunchie and Hillary Clinton and you’ll get your answers on the second one

  • I get it too

    Someone please translate the whole article for me. It might as well be in Klingon…

  • SB

    g2g – scrunchie time” = Got to Go – time to get busy at work, put a scrunchie and tie my hair back and work.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Lord knows with all the pressure she’s under Mrs. Clinton needs a good laugh. Nice to to know she appreciates it.

  • MEJ

    And this is evidence of why–no matter how much they fuck up–people still love the Clintons.

  • Riker

    @I get it too: I’d have an easier time reading it if it WAS in Klingon. Qapla’!

  • cam

    She can come off as cold and I wasn’t a fan, but everything I’ve hearda bout her seems to indicate she has a good sense of humor and is much more down to earth than you would think.

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