That Time A Woman’s Life Was Ruined By Beyoncé’s Gorgeous Face

LOreal-BeyonceBeyoncé is really pretty, you guys. But beauty comes at a price. Apparently in no mood to see any receipts, Bey instead passed that check along to Dorris Hone. The acrophobic 47-year-old Manhattan resident was trapped on the Wonder Wheel in Coney Island last night for nearly an hour and a half because Mrs. Knowles Carter was beating her face.

Bey was at the amusement park shooting a video — pause for excitement because that’s finally happening — and  after hopping on a bunch of rides, she set her sights on the 150-foot Wonder Wheel. Her entourage commandeered the ferris wheel and the park staff began unloading the commoners in anticipation of Queen Bey’s arrival. Hone, however, was left high and dry for an hour and a half as the diva got made up.

“When I was realized I was stuck up there, we were up there for a while, I started freaking out,” Hone told the New York Post. “I’m afraid of heights. I was horrified.” Hone began screaming but she was overshadowed by the clamor of Beyoncé fans below.

Once the wheel started moving again, Hone was allowed to finally exit that whirling deathtrap and Bey presumably looked amazing. But that really wasn’t consolation enough for the single mother.

“Ironically, my son is a big fan of Beyoncé,” Hone said. “I’m just really shaken up. It would be nice to get an apology from her.”

It would be nice wouldn’t it.