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The 10 Hottest Men Delivering The News

With the return of the HBO series, The Newsroom, we started thinking about the real guys sitting behind the desk each evening. While the show has Jeff Daniels (aka Will McAvoy), he hardly compares to the real men who made this list. Check out the hunkiest men delivering the news.

10. John King

This former CNN anchor is one silver fox (though not nearly as foxy as Anderson Cooper).



9. Dan Kloeffler

The ABC news anchor was inspired to come out after Zachary Quinto did. He makes geeky look sexy.



8. Dan Abrams

This ABC news correspondent brings up all sorts of daddy issues for us.



7. Ron Corning

Corning charms audiences as ABC news affiliate in Dallas.



6. Josh Elliott

Elliott is our favorite ESPN reporter turned GMA anchor. We love his charming demeanor before we have had our coffee.



5. Don Lemon

The CNN anchor is a sweet addition to this list.



4. Willie Geist

Move over Matt Lauer, there’s a new morning anchor in town and we want to be his house-geist.



3. David Muir

The ABC news anchor knows how to deliver sexy selfies as proven below.



2. Thomas Roberts

Roberts proved how sexy he was when his nudes leaked on the internet several years back but he also has the smarts to go with it.

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1. Anderson Cooper

It’s funny that news’ foxiest anchor isn’t even on FOX news. But it’s hard to deny the hypnotic power of those baby blues. There really is no anchor more sexy than the Coop.

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