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The 10 Hottest Men Delivering The News

With the return of the HBO series, The Newsroom, we started thinking about the real guys sitting behind the desk each evening. While the show has Jeff Daniels (aka Will McAvoy), he hardly compares to the real men who made this list. Check out the hunkiest men delivering the news.

10. John King

This former CNN anchor is one silver fox (though not nearly as foxy as Anderson Cooper).



9. Dan Kloeffler

The ABC news anchor was inspired to come out after Zachary Quinto did. He makes geeky look sexy.



8. Dan Abrams

This ABC news correspondent brings up all sorts of daddy issues for us.



7. Ron Corning

Corning charms audiences as ABC news affiliate in Dallas.



6. Josh Elliott

Elliott is our favorite ESPN reporter turned GMA anchor. We love his charming demeanor before we have had our coffee.



5. Don Lemon

The CNN anchor is a sweet addition to this list.



4. Willie Geist

Move over Matt Lauer, there’s a new morning anchor in town and we want to be his house-geist.



3. David Muir

The ABC news anchor knows how to deliver sexy selfies as proven below.



2. Thomas Roberts

Roberts proved how sexy he was when his nudes leaked on the internet several years back but he also has the smarts to go with it.

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1. Anderson Cooper

It’s funny that news’ foxiest anchor isn’t even on FOX news. But it’s hard to deny the hypnotic power of those baby blues. There really is no anchor more sexy than the Coop.

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 11.23.30 AM


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  • ncman

    As I recall, Thomas Roberts denied that those nude pics were of him. Do you have proof otherwise? Oh wait. This is Queerty. What was I thinking. LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Fidelio

    Wait. You have John King, but not Miguel Marquez, possibly the HOTTEST guy in news? Plus, Miguel is a member of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. What. The. Hell!

  • Deepdow

    David Muir all the way.

  • Snapper59

    Bill Hemmer isn’t “hot” anymore? Oh right, he works for Fox.
    Well at least you didn’t make me throw up by including the nepotism poster-boy, wee-brained little Luke Russert.

  • Mike

    David Muir is sexxxy!

  • anokie

    @Fidelio: Yeah he is!
    John King…Willie Geist, really? What about Joe Carter..Sam Champion(a bit annoying, but still)…and former CNN weather dude Rob Marciano? So many off the list.

  • Fidelio

    And what about Gio Benitez??? Gio Goddamn Benitez!!! Hello? Is this thing on?

  • Sweet Boy

    John King looks like a transexual granny…on the other side, Brian Williams is a hot DILF

  • TinoTurner

    David Muir is 1000 times hotter then Cooper. Coopers overrated and slightly annoying.

  • CleJoke


  • RaymondKevin

    Josh Elliott’s “My Two Gay Dads” may make him a ally, but his annoying interview style and aging frat boy personality do not make him HOT.

    John King’s racially tinged comments during the Boston Marathon bombing took him off the HOT and “Credible News Reporter” List.

    There are others in the ABC News stable that SHOULD be included : Gio Benitez, Matt Gutman, Jeffrey Kofman, Muhammad Lila, Alex Marquardt, Miguel Marquez, Nick Schifrin, John Schrffen. ABC News could have it’s own Top Ten.

    In a category all of his own is IMHO, the HOTTEST news reporter out there: “HuffPost Live” host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin.

  • FStratford

    I had a crush on AC when he was on the ABC late late night news and did not have grey hair yet. Now, I dont. I dont have Daddy fetish.

  • the other Greg

    I’ve never understood why so many guys drool over Anderson Cooper. It’s nice that he’s gay, and he’s not bad looking I guess, but to me he looks kind of frail and sickly, in a spooky albino or hemophiliac sort of way.

    Come to think of it, he always vaguely reminded me of somebody and I just realized who it is – he looks pretty much how I imagined Boo Radley when I read “To Kill A Mockingbird” as a kid!

  • Sweet Boy

    Scott Pelley is another DILF in the news…I’d let him interview me with his very probing questions

  • rickyboi7

    What about Ryan Owens??? btw didn’t Ron Corning used to host the Daily Buzz?, he doesn’t look as good as he used to unless it’s just a bad pic.

  • northwest

    Anderson Cooper is 46 and seems to get better looking every year, don’t know how he does it.

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    I’d add Ezra Klein.

  • Fidelio

    @Jonty Coppersmith: bravo to you, sir! that’s one hot geek. him and ari melber :)

  • jimbeaux

    Someone should look into Ryan Smith of HLN. I volunteer!!! Me!!! Me!!! Me!!!

  • Alan down in Florida

    Let me throw ABC’s Dan Harris into the mix. He is fine although I notice more and more frequently he doesn’t even appear in his pieces.

    If you want to use Rob Marciano on this list I suggest you include almost the entire staff of the Weather Channel as well.

  • geoffyNYC

    my two favorites: Richard Lui (MSNBC) and Gio Benitez (ABC)


    over..Willie Geist…WTF???

  • GordonQ

    Don Lemon may be out of the closet, but I’ll take his colleague T. J. Holmes any time!

  • bma83


    THANK YOU!!!

    T.J. Homles blows all of these guys out of the water. OMG is that man hot! OMG!

    (My imaginary husband, David Muir, comes in a close second.)

  • Kangol

    Don Lemon, T J Holmes, Tom Llamas in NYC, all pretty hot.

  • dewd

    6-10 are baffling. Missing: Gio Benitez and Jake Tapper.

  • balddude13

    Jeez, what do we have to do to find a shirtless pic of David Muir? Soooo sexy and HOT!!! Oh yeah, intelligent too!

  • sebgreg

    John King is the Dilfiest Dilf of them all. Silver fox? More like Silver Stud, Silver Bull, Silver Ox.

  • MediaGuy

    Don Lemon is a gross bottom shill for the Democrats. He makes me sick. So faggy.

  • tom_noir

    I’ll agree with Thomas Roberts, oh yeah but… You guys are totally missing out on KTLA’s Doug Kolk. He is it. He is all there is.

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