The 2 Canadian Sportscasters Who Think Johnny Weir’s Faggyness Is Bad For Figure Skating

[flv:http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/02/rds_weir_comment.mp4 http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/02/mailhotgoldbergboard.jpg 640 300]

It’s probably safe to assume that, for every 10 pieces of positive — or at least non-heterosexist — media coverage of Johnny Weir, there will be at least one report that manages to offend. Already we heard from two Australian television commentators who made fun Weir’s performance costume. And now Canada’s own RDS, a French-language sports channel in Quebec, has two talking heads on the hook for some off-color comments. Like how Weir’s flamboyance gives figure skating a bad image.

An exchange between sportscasters Claude Mailhot (a former provincial assistant deputy minister) and Alain Goldberg have The Gays ready to file complaints with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.

Among their statements, made during (after?) Weir’s Feb. 16 short program:

• Mailhot: “This may not be politically correct, But do you think he lost points due to his costume and his body language?”

• Goldberg: “They’ll think all the boys who skate will end up like him. It sets a bad example.”

And those comments came after, in bringing up South African track star Caster Semenya, Goldberg said, “We should make [Weir] pass a gender test at this point,” which was followed by Mailhot saying Weir should be skating with the women.

Um. Hello? You there? The ones making comments about figure skating on national television? Hate to be the ones to inform you, but: FIGURE SKATING IS THE GAYEST SPORT, LIKE, EVS. Weir’s outsized personality might draw curiosity and buzz, but there are more fags in this sport than you’d care to acknowledge. And the idea that such a confident, self-accomplished athlete is “too gay” for the sport, or any competition, is such a sad, archaic mentality that it makes us laugh at you, not Mr. Weir.

Weir does not set a “bad example” for wannabe figure skaters. Rather, he sets an excellent example — and brands the sport as one where you can be as ambitious, unique, and as proud of your talent as you want to be. Instead of remarking about how Weir is bad for figure skating’s “image,” we should be commending him for showing a side to the sport that the sports media oh-so-foolishly tries to hide.

Messrs Mailhot and Goldberg: You’re very welcome to go and suck a dick.

(If anyone can translate the above video in full, we’d greatly appreciate it. Either email us, or leave it in the comments.) UPDATE: Reader Jennifer offers us a translation below.

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  • hardmannyc

    Johnny Who? I guess you haven’t been watching the Olympics.

  • chris

    It’s wierd that they were a quebec channel…isn’t that like the ultra liberal province inside the already pretty liberal Canada?
    I always thought it was like amsterdam inside of…well, you get the point.

  • Disgusted American

    those “sportcasters”need to get over themselves.

  • Josh AZ

    Figure Skating gives Weirs image a bad name.

    I hope Johnny does well in fashion or whatever else interests him.

  • Joseph

    Don’t worry, Quebec is a very liberal province up here in Canada. Give it some time. They’ll be taken care of!

  • alia

    Unfortunately most “sportscasters” (here in Australia) are just pandering to the uneducated homophobic masses. (boo – how boring!) Figure skating is one of the sports I would actually bother watching. Give me feminine males any day over brain dead beer swilling football heads!! Go Johnny!

  • schlukitz

    Gee. Next these air-heads will be commenting on the bad name gays are giving ballet, as well as the hair-dressing, fashion and home decorating industries.

    These Sportscsters obviously need to get out more.

    If it weren’t for Faggyness, these dumb schmucks would be sitting behind that polished glass desk in their two-week old, hash-marked, boxer shorts. Grrrr.

  • Michael W.

    Fuck em. Johnny Weir will be just fine. They won’t know what they had until he’s gone.

  • Jennifer

    *Disclaimer* I grew up speaking French and English so I’m just translating it the best I know how. Some of the translation is literal and some of it just gets the meaning across. It was easy to understand, a little harder to translate. Also, its hard for me to understand Canadian French, but here is my translation.

    A:I may not be politically correct, like we say, but I’m going to show you some images of Jonny Weir. I really like artistic ice-skating, but Johnny Weir creates a situation in which everyone that…[I couldn’t understand the accent] … Do you think he lost point because of his costume and his gestures?
    B: He didn’t lose points because of his costume. He makes himself noticed, he makes himself look disparaged, and we are not wrong do disparage him, he has on lipstick, he is dressed femininely, he tries to be the most feminine possible on the ice and he has the right. He has the right to be like he is and like he want s to be but inevitable it leaves a sort of bitter image for artistic ice skating. And that’s really annoying because we think that every guy that skates is going to be like him, so it’s a very bad example, but he has the right. Why? Because there are people that are like that, there are others that are different. We aren’t going to discriminate…
    A: But, the stereotypes
    B: Exactly, and then we think that skating isn’t something athletic, but something more feminine and its not that all. There are all types in the world and there are all types on the ice – it’s a reflection of society.
    A: To be fair, when we made that being deal, in the summer, about that runner from South Africa. Maybe it’s a man, maybe its not. It’s not a woman etc…
    B: Well, we could make him pass a test
    A: Yea, I want him to pass a test
    B: Well we could absolutely do that. At this point, we should make him pass a test of femininity or of masculinity.
    A: To help you commentators out to predict what’ll happen, watch out because he might be competing with the women. But I don’t want to be mean. I find that we fall into the stereotypes when we see a guy like that
    B: Well, it doesn’t help. I’ll tell you, it’s not the image of figure skating that I like, but I admire the skater he is. He’s not less of an athlete and a sportsman and with a particularity that expresses itself in a manner that is out of the ordinary.
    A: I said it before, I may not be politically correct…
    B: Not at all, its what everyone thinks. I mean we (as in society) say it in a low voice (whispered) and now we (as in he and the anchor) say it at full volume
    [Closing banter]

  • romeo

    My French is pretty sketchy. How do you say “two old brain dead farts” en francais ?

  • schlukitz

    No. 10 · romeo

    deux vieux morts de cerveau farts – ala Babblefish. LOL

  • schlukitz

    No. 10 · romeo

    Perhaps we could serve each of those sportscasters a slice of pie ala merde?

    They’ve earned it.

  • romeo

    merde I know. Let’s just send them the ala mode in a baggy. They can buy their own fucking pie.

  • schlukitz

    No. 13 · romeo

    Now that stop to think about it, I was being a tad over-generous. LOL

  • Lukas P.

    @Jennifer: Nicely done! I too grew up anglophone and francophone, with a few other languages thrown in just to confuse the hell out of me.

    The Canadian accent and slang are hard to grasp, but you nailed it. Thanks!

    One tiny clarification: they want him to “take” a test rather than “pass” it. [passer un test vs. réussir à un test]. They sound like they’re chewing “poutine” when they speak, so it’s hard to tell!

    Either way, their remarks come off as uneducated, ill-informed, and crass. They also apparently can’t comment very intelligibly about gender, skating or athleticism!

    Looks like they’ll be eviscerated in the Canadian press.

  • schlukitz

    No. 4 · Lukas P.

    Looks like they’ll be eviscerated in the Canadian press.

    Ah yes. The evisceration of the cop scene by Hannibal Lechter in Silence of the lambs comes nicely to mind.

  • greg_c

    and yet we completely gloss over Bob Costas’ rude comments about the entire men’s skating program. There were several comments made to older male sports figures (I don’t know who any of them were, team owners and the like I think) about how men’s figure skating was the last thing they should want to see. It was juvenile.

  • john

    Where can people send in a complaint about these discrimatory remarks — what U.S. National Gay Organzation should also be putting in a formal complaint for disciplinary actions for these newscasters ??

    Please advise us ??

  • schlukitz

    No. 18 · john

    Well, you can bet your sweet bippee that it wont’t be Joe Salmonese of HRC who will be acknowledging your complaint, much less doing anything about it. :(

    A Google or Bing search should provide you with a list of other U.S. National Gay Organizations you can write to, however.

  • jason

    I wish these hetero male fogies would fuck off. I’m sick of their snide remarks and juvenile diatribes. By the way, where is GLAAD in all this? Or at least the Canadian equivalent.

  • Brian En Guarde

    I remember once I saw this homophobic movie where the straight male skater falls in love with his female partner. He was supposed to be a hero because he was macho and was a former hockey player. He beats the queers at skating and is supposed to be wonderful because he is so straight-acting. When I saw how much my sister-in-law approved of the theme, it really sent me reeling. Later I learned that she is an arch-conservative, and now her son won’t even talk to me!

  • Luc le Beau

    @romeo: @schlukitz: Per your request: L’expression plus convenable serait: = The most suitable phrase would be phrased a little differently in French: “les deux vieilles connasses de merde qui nous font chier”.

    [these are words I don’t use in English because I’m so very PC but my temper is worse in French, so my alias here is temporary].

    It’s sorta like “the 2 old $hitty a§§h0les who piss us off” — but worse.

    Bob Costas also let fly some remarks here in the US, but I know no Greek, so someone else should translate some words for him. Quel p’tit salaud!

  • terrwill

    Please, Johnny qWeir did not take the bronze because of who he is.. And if one thinks the US Figuree Skating ASSociation will defend him, forget it……They never acknowledged when he was number one, they refused to post his picture. They wanted a “more masculine” image for the sport (huh?)….. These talking asshats are simply following the lead set by his own countrys organization which should be supporting him. .Unfortunatey, while I love qWeir’s in your face attitute, I can not 100% defend him because as of yet he refuses to tell the world that he is actually Gay. If by not admiting being Gay, he is hoping to avoid critism, unfortunately it has kinda sorta backfired on him………..

  • Jake

    Since when is anti-effeminancy comments also attacks are homosexuality? It is not.

  • delurker

    What a booty on Weir. He should be on Morning Goods.

    What, these guys were saying something?

  • Observer1000

    I don’t know what planet these sportscasters with their small you-know-whats are living on but the Olympic men’s figure skaters are the ungayest (including Johnny W) since the early 60’s.

    Me thinks the homophobes are beside themselves that no one cares or questions or doubts the skaters sexuality any more. Teh gay’s just not such a big deal anymore and the homophobes just can’t accept that. It’s just the fault of the activist skating judges and their 6.0’s (now 10.0’s).

  • delurker

    @Jake: Are you for real?

  • Cam

    If you’ve ever Heard the winner Evan Lycesek speak….well all I’m saying is that if he is the hope for masculinity in figure skating……there’s not a lot of hope. LOL

  • Catty


    Obviously it’s because they like figure skating themselves, that they feel threatened. They aren’t gay, so therefore to love it means all the competitors must be straight. Or at least appear to be straight.

    It’ll break their hearts when Ev Lys comes out of the closet. Everyone get a look at the next phase in the hetero Evan versus faggy Johnny contest? Lysacek is hand holding with a female gymnast. (Who should all be put in for a gender test.) They daren’t mention shopping as one of their mutual interests. Instead, it’s about going to the cinema and picnics on the beach or some such crap.

    It all just lends itself more to the reason why a Lysacek gold was wanted by the sport. The end of a campaign to win over hetero sport watching AMERICAN men. It’s a hoot, though, that they are touting Lysacek’s “artistry” and beautiful skating, as opposed to that neanderthal Russian’s athletic jumping and manly hubris as the reason for the win. They just want it both ways, don’t they? (snigger, snigger.)

    Got to hand it to the Euros. Plushenko, Mr Heterosexual, there’s footage of him wrestling with Johhny on youtube. Does he give a rat’s ass about Gay Johnny? Does he care that there is an openly camp men’s ice skater? Nup. Does it reflect on his own sexuality? Nup. The only negative Plush has failed to take on board from Johnny is mullet do’s and don’ts. Johnny’s mullet GOOD. Evegeni’s mullet… well, it improves with a good snipping, which he’s done for 2006 and 2010 olympics, but in between…

    Pity Lush Plush isn’t gay. It’s something else they could throw at him for being evil about. It must vex them so.

  • The Artist

    People should have a right to their opinion. That doesn’t mean you have to listen to it, especially when it’s just stupid. Live your life. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • schlukitz

    No. 20 · jason

    Yoiu inquired…

    By the way, where is GLAAD in all this? Or at least the Canadian equivalent?

    Most likely, engaged in a fund-raising campaign, along with HRC and they just don’t have the time to be bothered with such petty matters. *snark button on*

    To be serious, however, since Prop 8, it has, unfortunately, become glaringly obvious that most of these so-called gay organization are, for the most part, as useless as tits on a bull.

    Millions of dollars up in smoke each and every year, and what have they accomplished of note? All they have done, is to generate more tax dollars for the government with all the employees they have on their payrolls.

    If they had managed to accomplish anything in their long tenures, we would no longer be in need of them.

  • schlukitz

    I can’t wait until the Christian right gets into the act and backs a proposition to be voted on that will prevent gays from participating in and “ruining” the image of sports, which of course, as everyone knows, has been a “masculine”, “Traditional” pursuit for thousands of years now and must be preserved like, you know, the “Traditional Family unit”.

    We just can’t be having any of this “evolutionary” shit going on in our schools, bedrooms and the sports world. Tradition is the god to whom we must all pay homage.

    Caves were “traditional” for a few thousand years too. Should we be burning our houses down and returning to that mode of living, as well?

  • schlukitz

    No. 22 · Luc le Beau

    Thank you for the corrected translation that you provided us with.

    As I indicated in my reply to Romeo, it was a BabbleFish translation and not one from my own understanding of the language, since I do not speak French.

  • rrr

    It’s wierd that they were a quebec channel…isn’t that like the ultra liberal province inside the already pretty liberal Canada?

    True, but they are male sportscasters. Male sportcasters spells assholes in an intolerant boys club just about anywhere, especially when you are talking about the older guys. Because they are in a liberal province of a liberal country they won’t get away with it, though.

  • Chris

    Like anybody gives a shit what these two puffy, bloated fug monsters has to say? Fuck em both with that glass desk.

  • nikko

    I like Johnny Weir too, but he does dress terribly gay tacky…and don’t pretend that gay men are not guilty of this fashion faux pas!!! I’m all for unique fashion styles but always, it must look good. Too often people err on the side of excess (gay men especially) and end up looking like a mess. In this case, I have to agree that johnny simply looks silly, and to make it a political issue is just delusional and wrong.

  • schlukitz

    No. 35 · Chris

    Fuck em both with that glass desk

    I am trying to formulate that image in my mind…while ROTF and LMAO.

  • schlukitz

    No. 36 · nikko

    gay johnny simply looks silly

    While, of course, straight Carmen Miranda looked ever so sensible in her fruit-basket hat…along with her sensible shoes and pocketbook.

    Is there no end to the self-loathing gays who cannot resist the urge to bash their fellow brothers and sisters?

    As if we didn’t already have enough straight assholes like the two Canadian Sportscasters doing that….

  • JAW

    this just goes to reenforce John Amaechi’s comments about athletes coming out is difficult… I hope that it did not cost him a medal

  • Motard

    If anything – it’s sadder that they choose to single out Johnny.

    The NBC coverage, in Costas’ usual ham-voiced gravitas, was putting the glitz on Lysacek going into the competition, largely leaving Johnny’s “flamboyance” to sniggering askance remarks.

    The best part: introducing Lysacek as being on a mission to butch up men’s skating. His two outfits? Feather cuffs in the short program, and Bedazzled snakes around his body in the long program.

    If mens’ skating was serious about butching up (they’re not), they’d ditch the music (like men’s gymnastics), and make them all wear uniforms.

    But they’ll always have a Johnny Weir to scapegoat for fagging up the joint.

  • hephaestion

    PLEASE give us the address fo this Goldberg asshole so we can write to his ignorant and pathetic ass.

  • hephaestion

    Johnny Weir was definitely robbed of winning a medal by homophobic judges. He should have AT LEAST won a bronze medal.

  • Jim D

    Johnny Weir may be a fag, but he’s got a big set of balls, God love ’em! He may not have won a medal, and he’s never won a medal, but I’d rather meet him than either of these douche bags!

    Oh, and my French Canadian friends, what was the score of the hockey game last night. The Canadians set a good example – of what good losers look like! So go ahead and knock a presumably nice kid who goes out and skates for his own pleasure.

    Weir may be weird but I admire his balls and his guts to put up with this kind of crap! I hoped we were over it when Rudy Galindo stepped out of the closet but obviously not. These ‘phobes keep coming back and it’s pretty pathetic. I thought that Canada was more enlightened than the US but maybe not.

  • LovelyTurtle

    I was never ‘into’ any figure skating… until I saw the men this year…until I saw TWO men, in particular: Johnny Weir, and Stefan Lumielle of Switzerland.(Sp?) Thanks to them, I now think men’s figure skating is the bomb. (And I’m female.) I became an INSTANT fan of Weir’s – a male figure skater FINALLY proud and free, and supported/confident enough to be open about his beautifully feminine nature, his love of feminine clothes, and his gentle, unparalleled grace on the ice. Johnny could outshine any of the women figure skaters at grace and visual beauty! What bothers me most about this, is here is a sport, LIKE MALE GYMNASTICS (I was a competitive gymnast), where there just HAPPENS to be a largely gay male population involved…and once again, the “don’t ask, don’t tell,” mentality is being disgracefully portrayed on an international level. I was so excited to see Johnny out there, in full regalia, comfortable, happy, and absolutely AMAZING at his sport – a HERO to every other gay male figure skater sitting in the shadows, feeling too much pressure and too much vulnerability to come out. I was ecstatic to find Johnny Weir – and hope that EVERY young gay person in this country finds him to be a phenomenal role model. He has such class, in all his interviews, he is an amazingly good sport, even being questioned about all kinds of subjects. And oh, um, to the industry leaders in figure skating, as well as the announcers and broadcasters: I hate to inform you all, but it is WELL known by EVERYBODY with a functioning brain, that there are a LOT of gay men who are attracted to your sport. Start supporting them, since their incredible grace and balanced gender presence is part of what makes them such astonishing skaters, and in turn, makes you so wealthy. I’d love for some of the old-school skaters to come out in support of Johnny Weir. In fact, I’d love to see a LOT of the men figure skaters come out and join with Johnny in protest over this bullsh*t!!! And I’d like to see those two bums up in Canada get kicked off the air. Do these imbeciles involved in that sport at the management/promotional level actually think ANYONE will believe that the men in that sport are all straight?!!!! Seriously, people. To me, right now, it’s the ONLY sport where a gay man can be a GAY MAN, no apologies, no explanations, and it needs to be very much public and stay that way. Watching Johnny Weir be badmouthed by homophobes for who he is – gentle, feminine, graceful – things that make him amazing on the ice – it’s just too much for me. It’s bad enough any of the men on the hockey teams who are gay will most likely forever live in the shadows. I am so tired of all this crap! Go Johnny! Go go go!!! Celebrate who you are! You’re a star!

  • LovelyTurtle

    Have you seen the women and couples this year, the ice dancing stuff? I think it’s the designers- ALL of them!!

  • schlukitz

    No. 44 · LovelyTurtle

    That you for sharing all those beautiful thoughts and sentiments with us in your great post.

    You wrote and hope that EVERY young gay person in this country finds him to be a phenomenal role model.

    That is precisely what homophobes like those two fat, stuffed shirts fear. They liken homosexuality to Pandora’s box (jar actually) that, when opened by her, will unleash many terrible things on mankind – ills, toils and sickness. Do the names Dobson, Falwell, Robertson, Phelps and the like come to mine?

    But even more fearful…hope.

  • schlukitz

    Typo: mine should read mind at the end of the third paragraph.

  • nikko

    SHLuKITZ, self-loathi8ng my ass! Obviously my point went in one ear, out the other!

  • schlukitz

    No. 48 · nikko

    And that point was….

  • Lukas P.

    The ‘Quebec Counsel of Gays and Lesbians’ has brought an official complaint against the two commentators.[maybe I spelled Counsel wrong?]

    GLAAD is also making noise on-line as well. I’m quasi-sure that costs contributors a LOW LOW price of $75,OOO for them to write that email. {okay, i made that number up}

    Back here, in the US, outsports.com reports that Dallas, TexASS radio commentator Gregg Hanson said about Mr Weir “It’s your choice to live that lifestyle.”

    So clever, isn’t it?

  • schlukitz

    No. 50 · Lukas P.

    “It’s your choice to live that lifestyle.”

    I’d love to see the hullabaloo a similar comment would make had it been directed at an Afro-American?

    Remember the schtink the “nappy-headed hos” comment by Don Imus made?

  • Lukas P.


    Ah, Don Imus! The shots heard ’round the world. A good example of what happens when thought fails to come before speech–when beauty and brains go on strike, together, forever….

    I’ve got to the point where I hear the word “lifestyle” and automatically reach for my gun.

    Lucky for me — and innocent bystanders — that I don’t carry one. Although, I’m quite a good shooter….

    My lifestyle is, of course, *completely* gay. I go to work. I go home. I go to the grocery store, the drycleaner’s. I drive right past the gym almost daily. I do a little volunteer work, I sporadically attend or host a brunch. I force my mate to go see a movie, which he usually naps through, quietly; I shovel my neighbors’ sidewalk because they’re otherwise liable to fall. I write an article or two. I field calls from perky telemarketers, supervisees wanting to quit, my boss requesting assistance with her 2014 budget, and from my beloved Aunts asking when I might visit.

    How gay is that? Have I totally bought into the dreaded [drumroll] GAY AGENDA?

  • terrwill

    @Lukas P.: All you need is the little pink picket fence!! : p

    After this whole freaking tempest I just wish Johnny qWeir would come out already and finally admit he is a Gay!! I am ascared I am going to keep defending him and then he is going to run off and marry some large woman luger and make us all look so very silly!! (actually, I don’t really envision that ever happening…..)

  • Cam

    No. 31 · schlukitz
    No. 20 · jason

    By the way, where is GLAAD in all this? Or at least the Canadian equivalent?

    Canada doesn’t have as many groups like HRC, GLAAD etc.. because gays have full rights there. There are local organizations but the large national presense doesn’t seem to be needed when marriage, adoption, etc… were achieved apparently.

  • Cam

    No. 42 · hephaestion said….
    Johnny Weir was definitely robbed of winning a medal by homophobic judges. He should have AT LEAST won a bronze medal.

    Well lets not get carried away. Each prgram is rated for difficulty and given a difficulty rating. So if everybody skated perfectly, Weir’s program, could not score as high as Lycesek or Plushenko’s, he started with a lower scoring routine. Weir could have overcome this by throwing his Quad Toe loop but decided not to do that, who knows why. If anything he should have moved up one spot and replaced Chan the Canadian…but I think Chan’s scoring was a gift to Canada from the judges.

  • scott ny'er

    Interesting perspective. I wish Johnny had skated better and did a successful quad and won. Then he could shut them up by displaying his gold. But he didn’t. And it seems Johnny doesn’t care. He did his best, he’s proud of who he is and good for him.

  • schlukitz

    No. 52 · Lukas P.

    Good morning, Lukas. Hope that you had a pleasant (and gay) nights sleep.

    Yep. It certainly sounds like you have a gay lifestyle alright. LOL

    Another term that is so stupid, is the “Gay Agenda” that the religious right loves to accuse us of having. Both of these terms make it sound like we live in a manner so totally different from the heteros, that we should not even be calling ourselves members of the human race…or living on the same planet. *scratches head*

    I find it very interesting, as did George Carlin, whose humor was so on the mark, that one can take a totally innocuous word, and by tossing it at someone we dislike, over and over in a disparaging way, the word or phrase is gradually transformed into an insult or a put-down.

    Lifestyle and agenda are two such words. Both have gotten a bad rep. Lifestyle now suggests something vile and dirty that is to be avoided, at all costs and agenda now suggests that we are up to no good and that we are working secretly to blow up the world (or blow every straight man on the planet), depending on how warped the mind of the accuser is. LOL

    Hope you are having a great day.

  • schlukitz

    No. 54 · Cam

    And a good morning to you as well, Cam.

    You wrote: Canada doesn’t have as many groups like HRC, GLAAD etc.. because gays have full rights there.

    Interesting observation. Here in America, it has been said that a bureaucracy, once created, continues to exist for it’s own celebration, long after the need for it has ceased.

    Obviously, Canadian Gays are not as easily duped into donating and contributing money to useless organizations who are doing nothing but celebrating their own existence, despite the fact that we are still fighting to gain our full rights.

    HRC is one of those bureaucracies that comes to mind. The gaining of full rights by American gays, would put these folks. right out of business.

    Now, that’s what I would call an “Agenda”.

    Enjoy your day.

  • schlukitz

    No. 56 · scott ny’er

    He did his best, he’s proud of who he is and good for him.

    And we are all proud of him for having done so. As has often been said, it’s not just about winning, it’s also about how we play the game.

    And play the game well, Johnny did. Though he took home no medals this time around, he is still a “winner” in our book and we all applaud him vigorously for that.

    Hope you are enjoying your day, despite it being a blah, rainy and gloomy day here in New York City.

  • schlukitz

    The thought occurred to me that the Olympics, while a competition that seeks a limited number winners, draws a host of fine, dedicated and accomplished young men and women who by simply participating in this event, are winners all.

  • Dasher

    Is it my imagination (probably is), or is one of the Quebec sportscasters in the photo above checking out Johnny Weir’s butt?

    Confession: I checked it out myself in the photo of Johnny below that.

  • nikko

    SCHLUKITZ,my post is self-explanatory: have you read it??! What’s not to understand?!

  • schlukitz

    No. 61 · Dasher

    And a cute one it is. Is it not? HeeHee

  • schlukitz

    No. 62 · nikko

    I just went back to your post no. 36 and re-read it.

    I got it. Unbridled judgment.

    Or is it just plain, old-fashioned, jealousy?

  • Dasher

    @63 – Schlukitz — I concur.

    I think the Quebec sportscaster also agrees, judging by the lascivious expression on his face, and more tellingly by the outstretched palm, as if he were thinking, “I’d like to check that kid’s buns for firmness and texture.”

    Or, “Je voudrais checquer les nalges de cet pâtineur pour la solidité et la texture…” (ou quelque chose comme ça…)

  • Oh-So-Very

    Oh my Hell! Christ in a top hat! Johnny Weir’s so so fucking hot.

  • Jennifer

    I just wanted to say that even though those two guys said some really uneducated things, I don’t think that the guy on the right is all that terrible. The guy on the right, yea, he’s an ass. He brought up the whole “do you think Johnny got points taken off for his costume and gestures?” and the whole “gender test”. However, the guy on the right readily admits that there are all kinds of people in the world and that they have a right to be who they are. Not that they should be or that they can be who they are, but that they have a RIGHT to be who they are. I think that says a lot. Yes, he went along with the other sportscaster, but I don’t think he’s all bad.

  • schlukitz

    No. 67 · Jennifer

    I also read somewhere Hitler loved his German Shepherd. So, I guess he wasn’t all bad either.

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Pastor Martin Niemoller

  • Gary

    The Canadian ( French wimps ) reporters would never have commented on the sexuality of a figure skaters outfit if they were not so affraid of their own sexual Identity. Don’t the French guys Kiss on the mouth when they meet. Not that there is anything wrong with that. The Canadian press would not have said a word if it were any Country other than their Big Brother, USA. I thought Cananda was The USA’s 51st State.

  • Gary

    Let’s chat about a Country disrespecting another’s National Anthem. Last time that happened since Canada’s disrespect for USA National Anthem was the days of Hitler!. Hey Canada….get over it. For the love of GOD. OK, your good at Hockey. Move on to doing something for nations less fortunate than you. OOP’s, I forgot, you all think you are the least fortunate.

  • Bob Orr

    Hey gary, Great point. Love your views. I only hope the Canadian fans learn respect.

  • Jaque B

    Thanks Gary. You are right on the nose. I’m a Canadian and am EMBARRASSED at the behavier of the Canadian fans. I have trouble calling them fans. They are NOT fans, they are probably unemployed biggots, like the European Soccer bullies who actually kill one another.

  • Jaque B

    Hey Jaque, I’m also a Canadian. I take offense to comparing Canadian fans to European soccer fans. European fans would never disrespect anther Countries national song. That is only for the pathetic, padantic, egomaniacal, pontificating holier than thou Canadian fan………..truly embarrasing……simply looking like fools on the world stage.

  • Gary

    Hey Bob and Jaque, I appreciate the reply. I am just stunned at what transpired. I’m troubled, But, I feel it’s mass numbers of people who happen to have the IQ bordering on SPECIAL!

  • Mike

    From my perspective in Calgary, AB, I agree that their comments smack of heterosexism and their belief that men’s figure skating should be about power and displays about masculinity are old hat but I don’t think RDS should be completely blamed.

    They are entitled to their opinions and I think that it’s not quite right to say that they think he’s a faggy boy or something, they are just stuck in the idea that there’s no room for camp in men’s figure skating. I think they were more going after him for being flamboyant and effeminate by any standard.

    They don’t sound like they have poutine in their mouth any more than people from Switzerland have a speech impediment because they speak slower. They have a different Québécois accent – let’s not generalize with “Canadian French” here, there’s a huge difference within Québec and between francophone communities across Canada.

  • Jennifer


    First off, I’m Jewish and I take offense to the Hitler comment. Second of all, I TRANSLATED THE DAMN CONVERSATION!! I know their tones and connotations and I’m just saying that based on the one guy’s language,manner of speech, and tone, I don’t think he’s all bad. sheesh

    @Gary No, french men don’t kiss on the mouth when they see each other. They kiss on the cheek, the number of times, depends on where you live.

    I agree that overall they shouldn’t have said what they did and that it was bad. I don’t think we should take discrimination, but calling these people names, and responding childishly is not going to change anything or make you sound any more credible. Just sayin’

  • Jamay

    @Lukas P.:

    Not because you are offended about those comments that it gives you the right to offend an entire nation. Who’s more dumb now? By the way Goldberg has a french accent from Europe. So maybe I can offer you a poutine full of shit if this is what you want.

  • Rob Moore

    @alia: Unless they are arse up and I find them attractive enough to fuck.

  • Rob Moore

    @Jennifer: Thanks, Jennifer. I was having a hard time with their accents and some of the regional words. After reading your transcript, it was easier to go back and listen to it. I’m sure my French stepfather would have said they sound odd but not as bad as the patois he hears in the Dordogne region where he lives, now.

  • niggapleez

    I dont know whats more boring, fag ass Johnny Weir, or fag ass Canada, fuck them both, and this shitty ass girl wanna be sport. oh by the way, male cheerleaders are total fags too.

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