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  • daveny

    Oh man that’s tough.

  • Red Meat

    Epic fail

  • GayGOP

    Those editors should be fired for that one.

  • ewe

    oh that’s endearing. I hope this either happened to the fabulously out gay guy that finds this the statement of pride he always wanted to make or the high schools buffed up het quarterback that fell into deep mourning.

  • Michael Letterman

    Branding what an amazing idea

  • Jon

    @GayGOP: Why should the editors be fired? Because it’s bad to be a FAG? Self loathe much?

  • Tofer David

    Editors of the school yearbook? You mean the member of the senior class that spends every free moment she has putting the yearbook together?

  • B

    No. 6 · Jon wrote, “@GayGOP: Why should the editors be fired? Because it’s bad to be a FAG?”

    Presumably because the student editors working on it (and who aren’t employed so they can’t be fired) didn’t catch a bad cropping job – the tee shirt probably said


    and someone didn’t notice how the cropping changed the wording. They could have fixed it with Photoshop.

    Even “professionals” screw up. One right-wing web site had a policy of not using the word “gay” but “homosexual” instead. So they had some software do a string replacement. Then they printed an article about a talented runner named Tyson Gay and changed the title to “Homosexual eases into 100 final at Olympic trials,” thus getting their 15 minutes of fame as one of the nation’s laughing stocks.

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