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The Advocate Says Air America Owes Rachel Maddow $4k. But How Much Does The Advocate Owe Its Talent?

When the radio network Air America abruptly folded and signed off last month, its multi-million dollar debt load meant several well known media names had gone unpaid. Like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who is reportedly owed $3,952. And Ron Reagan, who is due $6,351. But when a few gay media reporters and photographers saw the news written up by The Advocate, they couldn’t help but laughing: that magazine is still alive and kicking, and according to our rough count, still owes untold numbers of contributors overdue fees totaling the tens of thousands.

From the folding of Out Traveler and seeing its stock delisted from the NASDAQ to shuttering two porn magazines and folding The Advocate into a tiny insert inside Out, the news out of Regent/Here Media has not been good. When Queerty was the first to tell you about The Advocate‘s downsizing, we also relayed reports of writers and photographers going unpaid for their contributions, and refusing to continue working for the company until they were paid.

So it was with great irony, to this roster of unpaid talent, to see The Advocate reporting on another media company unable to pay its debts, when Paul Colichman’s own company is having trouble doing the same.

We reached out to about a dozen Regent/Here contributors who previously told us they have yet to be paid and asked for updates. Only two say they have received payments, but neither had their balances completely paid off for work that was completed months ago. So what’s the total amount due to this (admittedly small) sample group?


Or approximately one hundred fifty tours of Colichman’s Bel Air mansion. Laying off a quarter of your staff, it appears, can only do so much for the bottom line.

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  • scott ny'er

    Somewhat relatedly, or maybe not. I always thought Ron Regan was gay. I was very surprised to find out he wasn’t. I just don’t have gaydar.

  • Qjersey

    I’m sure it won’t help that I canceled my subscription to HERE! TV because their programming sucks.

    So shall we form an “office pool” to guess when Regent/Here goes under?

  • Scott Kenan

    They couldn’t pay my little $3000.00 advance for after 5.5 months. I faked an attack of mania (I have a diagnosis of bipolar) and forced them to cancel my contract. Actually, since my book tells the TRUTH about Tennessee Williams in a way no one ever has before, they, in conjunction with The University of the South (Sewanee) were in collusion to bury my book. Never intended to publish it. Paul Colichman and Don Weise are just fronts for the Bush/Limbaugh/Palin Republicans (ask Edmund White about his history with Weise) and want to hurt gay talent and publish faggots only. They and Thomas Keith (the go-between–goggle him) can kiss my fat Kenan ass!

    Next week I begin seeking an honorable publisher. The book is ready for the typesetter, although I had to re-edit it since they paid T. Keith to edit it and I couldn’t have that. Scott D. Kenan

  • blackjack44

    @Qjersey: i cancelled my HERE TV subscription too a long time ago, the programming was such a let down.

  • Scott Kenan

    @Scott Kenan: Clarity (some): My experience with Alyson/Here was a huge drama, unfortunately. My book contract ended up being canceled. So did at least one other I knew they were to publish this spring: apparently. It has been my firm belief through this “trial,” and without waver, that Don Weise (not unlike me) unknowingly had stepped into an “impossible” challenge in his fight to make his dream of heading the BEST “gay publishing house real.

    Don was not given enough authority, and those above him had an agenda that did not support Don’s ideals. He did everything he had to to keep his dream alive, and in my opinion, he has succeeded. He only stopped communicating with me because he had the integrity to shut up rather than lie to me. He always had total faith in my book. He knew that I, like him, had already won before we began our somewhat intertwined fights. He knew that I would always know this, even if my book got canceled. And it did, and I have.

    Beginning back in October, I told both Cynthia Zigmund (my agent of that time) and Thomas Keith (who brought my book to Don’s attention and then later edited it), that I would follow Don anywhere–if he would just leave Alyson Books. I was certain the problem was with higher ups. Naturally, they both stressed time and time again that I could NEVER express this to Don. I still naively believed Thomas and Cynthia were operating in my best interests, so I didn’t.

    The truth of all this will come out in my second book, whose first draft is already complete. I will ALWAYS stand on the side of Don Weise. I salute him.

    I only wish I knew how to move whatever mountains need to be moved for Don Weise to publish Walking on Glass. There was a lot of blood spilled and I don’t know if Alyson’s parent could ever come round to allow that to happen–especially given the nature of my second book.

    This coming week, I’ll begin looking for a new publisher. I expect that won’t be too difficult. But it is of the highest importance to me to let not only Don, but all those who know of my fight, that I fully respect Don Weise, and his dream.

    And I’m betting on the Saints tonight–no matter who wins the football game, they have won.

  • Brendon

    Paul Colichman is like an absentee father who is never around and then when he comes around just screws things up more. His employees all hate him and he surrounds himself with a bunch of ass-kissers. Anyone with hair plugs that bad clearly can’t be trusted.

  • Mike

    Have you seen the early preview of the Advocate “TV newshour” that is supposed to save the brand? It reeks of college Broadcast Journalism 101. Seriously, you can’t afford some authentic video footage and have to rely on still images moving all over the screen to show your “prowess” with the editing software? Ugh. Not to mention that it’s going to “air” on Here! TV and, thus guaranteeing that almost no one will see it anyway. Regent/Here Media is dying … I give them to the end of the year.

  • Recession watcher

    How about by mid-year? Can Xmas come early?

  • Scott D. Kenan

    @Recession watcher: How about WHAT by mid-year? Recession Writer, get off the dope and clear your mind, please.

    Or something.

    I’m not the one who judges.

    Christmas (Xmas) early? Why not?

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