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The Advocate Says Air America Owes Rachel Maddow $4k. But How Much Does The Advocate Owe Its Talent?

When the radio network Air America abruptly folded and signed off last month, its multi-million dollar debt load meant several well known media names had gone unpaid. Like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who is reportedly owed $3,952. And Ron Reagan, who is due $6,351. But when a few gay media reporters and photographers saw the news written up by The Advocate, they couldn’t help but laughing: that magazine is still alive and kicking, and according to our rough count, still owes untold numbers of contributors overdue fees totaling the tens of thousands.

From the folding of Out Traveler and seeing its stock delisted from the NASDAQ to shuttering two porn magazines and folding The Advocate into a tiny insert inside Out, the news out of Regent/Here Media has not been good. When Queerty was the first to tell you about The Advocate‘s downsizing, we also relayed reports of writers and photographers going unpaid for their contributions, and refusing to continue working for the company until they were paid.

So it was with great irony, to this roster of unpaid talent, to see The Advocate reporting on another media company unable to pay its debts, when Paul Colichman’s own company is having trouble doing the same.

We reached out to about a dozen Regent/Here contributors who previously told us they have yet to be paid and asked for updates. Only two say they have received payments, but neither had their balances completely paid off for work that was completed months ago. So what’s the total amount due to this (admittedly small) sample group?


Or approximately one hundred fifty tours of Colichman’s Bel Air mansion. Laying off a quarter of your staff, it appears, can only do so much for the bottom line.