The Anti-Gay Forces Behind The Right Wing’s “War On Christmas” Meme

256px-BillOReillySept2010‘Tis the holiday season, and that drives some conservatives crazy. They want it to be the Christmas season, because the more inclusive “holiday” allows for beliefs other than their own–you know, those people’s.

No one has been more forceful at promoting this grievance than Bill O’Reilly, Fox News’ master of spittle-flecked outrage. Not surprisingly, O’Reilly is at it again, this time lauding the work of the homophobic group pushing the Christmas War. Alliance Defending Freedom is involved in everything from opposing marriage equality to criminalizing gay sex in Belize, which apparently makes the group the ideal representation of the spirit of Christmas.

At least to O’Reilly. In his shout out (to himself as well), O’Reilly praised the ADF for its work. “So once again this year, I will keep an eye on the situation. Helping me is the Alliance Defending Freedom organization based in Scottsdale, Arizona. They have been very successful in defending traditional rights in the courts. Therefore I say to them, ‘God bless you, each and every one,’ with apologies to Dickens.”

Apology not accepted.

This isn’t the first time that O’Reilly has made nice with the antigay forces behind the faux War. Just last year, he was happy to lump us in with the “secularists” who are attacking Christmas.

ADF has been called “virulently anti-gay” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, with good reason. The group has an impeccably homophobic pedigree, having been founded by such godfathers of the religious right as James Dobson and D. James Kennedy. Not content to oppose LGBT rights in the U.S., ADF has sent lawyers to Belize to defend a law criminalizing homosexuality and, more recently, has been reaching out to antigay forces in Russia.

So the next time you hear about the War on Christmas, keep in mind who the War is really against. All you need to do is look in a mirror.

Photo credit: Justin Hoch, via Wikimedia Commons

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