The Ape Issue?

Many of you may have heard about the LeBron James Vogue‘s “Shape Issue” controversy. Those of you who haven’t need look no further than the above image.

Did the Vogue staffers really intend to present the NBA superstar as King Kong? That wasn’t our impression. While we did think it queer they didn’t doll him up in a suit, we just figured they wanted to make sure readers knew he’s a basketball player. Are we just naive? Maybe.

Our colleague, Cord Jefferson, who has 26-years of blackness under his belt, offered this take:

The Vogue cover is inexcusable for this reason: Even if the photo was not intentionally alluding to the ape imagery of yesteryear, Annie Leibovitz and Anna Wintour, “experts” on imagery that they are, should have been able to look at that photograph and realize what sorts of feelings it would evoke in the public. At worst, the picture’s racist, at best, it’s evidence of glaring ineptitude.

That straight boy sure does have him some sass.

So, readers, if you’re not too mad at us right now, what’s your take on this James outrage?