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The Argument To Only Let Soldiers Weigh In On DADT Has One Glaring Flaw

If there is one thing any sane person should do, it is avoid comment threads and letters to the editor. But of course, those are the most fun parts of any publication. Especially Stars & Stripes, where military personnel can write in with their gripes about terrorists, the heat, and of course, the gays.

Luckily blogger Just-A-Joe, the active duty Iraq soldier facing a DADT discharge, is reading the paper for us, acting as our own personal clipping service, and points us to this one from Warrant Officer Marcus Tanner in Afghanistan.

I guess morality should be out of the debate [on gays in the military], right? I stand firm on my convictions regardless of liberals who have lowered morals/values and follow what society says is right. It is my obligation as a leader, Christian, husband and father to live a life of integrity and point out that homosexuality should not be allowed openly in the military.

Readiness will not be affected [if “don’t ask, don’t tell” remains the policy]; there is always someone who will step up and fill a gap. No one is irreplaceable. Homosexuality is deviant behavior between two men or women behind closed doors. If being gay is right, why isn’t everyone? It takes a man and a woman to procreate. Biology 101.

[I also stand firm] regardless of a separation of church and state, which is a thin line since the “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag” and prayer are still very much a part of government. Does “In God We Trust” and “One Nation Under God” sound familiar? Society wants to tell the military how to operate. Fine, pick up a rifle and stand next to me.

Only servicemembers should vote for the repeal [of “don’t ask, don’t tell”]. It is the military [affected by the] policy, not civilians. Stop putting words in our mouths about change. Whatever happens, happens. We will deal with the economic disaster it will create. If gays are allowed to serve openly, they/their partners will rate full benefits.

I and my family deserve the right not to live, shower, or be subjected to the homosexual lifestyle. Question: If an unmarried servicemember has a child, shouldn’t the other parent rate benefits? What bonds them is not a civil union. Creation does. Why not focus on something that seriously affects servicemembers and their ability to provide for their families, like the failure of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Homeowners Assistance Program for military families affected by the mortgage crisis?

Yeah, gays, you’re getting in the way of solving the housing crisis, the neighborhoods you’ve spruced up be damned! Maybe you can find four or five flaws in the letter writer’s argument — like how, when there’s a rule passed by Congress and not just Pentagon officials, it becomes a civilian issue — but Joe finds this doozy:

I agree with the letter writer in his letter when he states that the ones in the military are the ones who need to be debating this issue. This is a reasonable assessment, but only if the homosexuals in the military, like myself, can openly speak about it, otherwise there is no debate thus invalidating the process.

Ugh. So annoying when logistics get in the way of things.