fair warnings

The Best Part About Pennsylvania’s Vote on Constitutional Marriage Ban? The Threat To Out Its Gay Supporters

As the Pennsylvania State Senate Judiciary Committee votes today whether to move forward a bill that would cement the state’s gay marriage ban into the constitution, a threat: If you’re a closeted homosexual legislator who votes for it, you will be outed. Also, if you’re a raging alcoholic, you’ll also be exposed.

Sorry if we come across as ridiculously excited, but how else to describe the feeling of being on the verge of outing anti-gay homosexual lawmakers? Unlike some media outlets, we live for this shit; Outrage is our porn.

The bill up for debate is SB 707, from State Sen. John Eichelberger, who last year remarked in a campaign debate that “we’re allowing [gays] to exist” and says gay marriage would lead to “polygamy, marrying younger people”; it’s the foil to State Sen. Daylin Leach’s bill to legalize gay marriage. And it’s also the new battleground for outing lawmakers who vote against their own.

The promise to do so comes from John Morgan of the Pennsylvania Progressive blog, who wrote on Friday, “I urge all Senators to value every person regardless of sexual orientation, to value equal justice under law, to uphold our federal constitution and the 14th Amendment which guarantees equal justice and vote against Eichelberger’s notorious legislation. I spend a fair amount of time in Harrisburg. I know who is closeted. Any closeted Senator who votes for Eichelberger’s bill will be outed. I also know a State Senator who is wildly homophobic and is also an alcoholic. One of her rants will also be made public depending on her vote. This is fair warning.”

To which we say: Do it! And with this post-script: Out any of these lawmakers who already voted to ban gay marriage via the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act. Or who supported last year’s failed attempt at a constitutional ban. And then send those names directly to Tim Gill.

UPDATE: “Sadly,” there will be no voting on the bill; the committee voted 8-6 to table the bill.