The Bigger, The Better: New Condom Comes In 95 Different Sizes

Off all the news to come out of the International AIDS Conference in DC, this might be the oddest: A UK company is addressing an age-old dilemma with a new condom that comes in 95 different custom-fit sizes.

TheyFit first launched in Europe in December and is looking to penetrate (sorry) the U.S. market soon.

According to the company’s sales data, only one in eight customers bought TruFit condoms in the sizes currently approved by the American Society for Testing Methods (ASTM). Translation: More than 88% of American guys are out there buying rubbers that don’t fit them right.

This is an epidemic, people!

“Imagine trying to encourage people to wear shoes, or women to wear bras, if all you had available were one or two sizes,” says Joe Nelson, head of TheyFit Europe. “It would be an impossible task and it’s perfectly comparable with condoms today—there simply aren’t the sizes necessary to fit men correctly and that is at the heart of the problem.” Nelson got involved with the prophylactics business after he left Goldman Sachs nine years.

Complaints about condoms being too tight and killing sensation—or being too lose and sliding off—are commonplace (at least in our, ahem, limited experience). And the reality is even so-called extra-large rubbers are only about a millimeter bigger than the average-Joe ones. TheyFit ups the selection to 95 sizes, varying in width from 1.6 to 2.8 inches and length from 3.2 to 9.6 inches.

Customers measure themselves with the company’s printable FitKit and order the size that suits them best. (The size codes are arbitrary so you don’t have to feel embarrassed about revealing your endowment to anyone.)

Currently TheyFit is just available in the European Union. But Nelson’s team is working to get their product approved in the U.S. and beyond. Hey, anything that gets more guys wearing condoms is a good thing, right?