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  • Rob

    Funny how this has no comments yet. If it were yet another post about some antigay black minister it would have hundreds by now.

  • A C

    Rob, that’s not funny; that’s just sad and true.

  • Jake the libertarian


    The religious majority in American Black culture is very anti-gay. That does not mean that there aren’t huge amounts of Black gays and Black gay supporters. But it is not racist to understand that we have a long way to go to reach out to a majority of Black culture.

    Frankly it is far more difficult right now to be an out Black man than an out White man. That is because the culture is very anti-gay. Why is that racist or mean?

    (P.S. This is definitely coming from a white dude…)

  • ChicagoJimmy

    The thing I find unfortunate is that it seems many of the African American community’s leaders grow out of the church. I think the MSM and white Americans find religious leaders more acceptable than political leaders who are more threatening to the secular establishment and entrenched political power. I suppose it makes sense, since the strongest and oldest community organizations in black communities are the churches, but it also denies them the ability to separate their “morals” from positions of good and inclusive public policy for all Americans.

  • wondermann

    There are LGBT leaders of color, however they are not always invited to play in the big scheme of things.

    But we should start making our faces and issues known all over the states…not just D.C.

  • AlanInSLC

    Black men are yummy! ggrr! (white boy here)

  • 4getit

    i agree with wonder man and rob…..its a sad situation when we have to start making examples or spotlighting certain cities. I guess we need to convince ourselves that there is no problem….there certainly is….before harvey milk, there should have been a film bio on james baldwin or bayard rustin, right? but i guess it would not have been marketable….

  • DeAnimator

    Wow, if you think that blacks and anyone else of color is treated as a part of anything other than a nuisance you’re clearly deranged.

    The gay community has a LONG way to go on accepting anyone who isn’t white and male.

  • RainaWeather


  • GBM

    SORRY Jake,

    I’m not sure what neighborhood you folks are getting this from. There are many BLACK OUT GAY Men. Maybe you meant to say when living in the inner-city it may be hard to do. But that is no different than a white Gay person living in a trailor-park or low income area. They would do the same and I know that factually.

    But no harm meant here But it irritates me to see non-blacks know so much about us. But yet don’t reach out to us and INCLUDE US! And another thing Jake…The Religious White Culture is just as Anti-Gay as ANY RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION!

    Race need not apply!

  • RainaWeather

    @GBM: I know what you mean. I hate when White people act like experts on everything Black. In fact I hate when anybody acts like an expert on some minority demographic of which they are not a part.

  • afrolito

    @Jake the libertarian:

    As a self described “white dude”, how the fuck would you know how difficult it was to be an out gay black man? What firsthand knowledge do you have that black culture is more anti gay?

    So sick of the rhetoric by people who have NO experience with black culture, spouting off about the rampant homophobia they never experienced.

  • Oscar

    In general blacks are antigay.Tell me that,I had one for 7 long years and had to stand his family snite retorts and I am not anglo but latin.They see all gays as abnormal,deviants and not male enough.If they are devout christians they are even worse.Gays are the devils disciples send here to corrupt society and take it down the road of immorality and perdicion.The more bias and gay-haters in every society in the whole world are christian blacks.

  • Tony

    Memo to everyone. Spend more time in school and less time in church. This will lead to less homophobia.

  • Tony

    Afrolito, is that chip on your shoulder heavy?

  • TANK

    This is really racist of me.

  • RainaWeather

    @TANK: very racist

  • Jake the libertarian

    Gee, I pissed off all the black guys. Maybe you guys should look at my post again. I wasn’t crapping on black people. I readily admit that there are huge numbers of out black people. I just acknowleged that religious black culture is anti gay. Its a fact. BTW, religious white culture is anti gay too, but that isn’t what we were talking about…

    I was simply responding to a post implying that gays are racist against blacks… I don’t think they are, and I know I’m not. Anyone who says otherwise can suck my white ass.

  • Jake the libertarian


    You are a fucking idiot. Try growing up gay in my family or my home town. It was no picnic either. Save the pissed off black guy attitude for someone who did something to you, you fucking asshat. I have never done jack shit to you or anyone else based on race. You wanna hate, find someone who fucking deserves it.

  • GBM

    Well Jake…If Black Gays didn’t feel accepted by the white masses of this Gay community we wouldn’t be talking about this at all.

    And Oscar you said
    “The more bias and gay-haters in every society in the whole world are christian blacks.

    HOLA,Your a fucking LIAR!

    I know DAMN WELL With these motherfucking hispanic catholics and The Pentecostals running around denouncing Gays…Girl get fucking grip.

    Check your own community before checking someone elses. And for that everyone else too. You all act like your familiy accepts you and always have.

    NOT all caucasian, asian,and hispanics accept their Gay sibling,nnd or child!

  • Jake the libertarian

    GBM, all I said was black religious culture is very anti gay. The church plays a large part in black culture. I don’t have to be black to know that. While I admit, I don’t relate to every part of your experience, some things are simply fact. 3 mean what part of what I said are you willing to deny?

  • GBM


    There is nothing to deny these are facts as well as it is elsewhere. But most of you guys talk as if this is NOT an issue within White America and we ALL know that’s not so.

    And that is my issue I can’t go in your backyard and clean it before I clean mines. I’m sure you get my point!

    All of it religious culture, homophobia, etc is shared by ALL RACES and their different cultures.

  • C-Teller



    @Jake the libertarian:

    lol at you


    Or as a sexual fetish. Or slightly better off as a temporary token. If their white rich male image wasn’t in the way of getting what they want this wouldn’t be an issue.

  • C-Teller


    lol of course.

  • AlwaysGay

    Almost every vote and signature for civil rights legislation was from a white person, does that mean there wasn’t racist white people? No. Just because there are a few black heterosexual public figures who support marriage equality does not mean the majority of black heterosexuals do the same. We all know if this heterosexual-only marriage referendum went before the people of Washington D.C. they would support it.

  • Trey

    @AlwaysGay: No, we all don’t know that. speak for yourself.

  • RainaWeather


  • TikiHead

    The saddest quote in that article was Nick McCoy being asked, by both the Congressional Black Causus and Concerned Black Clergy, “What are you first; are you black or are you gay?”

    It’s like people used to claim Catholics could not really be American, because they’re ‘serving two masters.’

    It seems to me (a white gay guy)(gay white guy?) that Black people in America have to have a strong identity in the face of massive institutional racial hostility, and some things (other Identities) are just seen as too Other to embrace. Not by everybody of course. Just trying to understand things.

  • C-Teller


    “that Black people in America have to have a strong identity in the face of massive institutional racial hostility, and some things (other Identities) are just seen as too Other to embrace.”

    Where would that leave black women?

  • TikiHead


    Aha! Exactly! Which identities are OK to share simultaneously?

    Daily Show did a hilarious sketch on that at the height of the venomous campaign between Hillary and Barack on that very subject.

  • TANK

    WHere would that leave black women? Hmmmmm, where does tyler perry leave black women? Where does bell hooks leave black women? These are all questions of the day.

  • TANK


  • Phoenix ("Colorblind" means you can't see red or green, folks)

    Do you know what every race, creed, color, religion, nation, and gender has? Homosexuals! Do you know what else every race, creed, color, religion, nation, and gender has? Bigots! And guess what!? No race, creed, color, religion, national origin, and gender has more or less than any other race, creed, color, religion, national origin, or gender! We’re all guilty of some kind of “-ism”.

    However, white males (of which I happen to be) are especially guilty of having a disproportionate sense of entitlement, which might explain HRC.

  • galefan2004

    @Jake the libertarian: I have to agree with you on this one. If less than 1% of the black community is part of our community that is less than the estimates for how many men are on the down low. Considering the fact that the bigotry of the black community is partially to blame for their women being the second largest group in the United States (and not by a very wide margin) that have HIV/AIDS. If black men that like men would grow a pair, get off the down low (where their sleeping around causes them to bring things home to their girls) and come out of the closet the black community would be forced to change its stance.

  • galefan2004

    @AlanInSLC: I value your opinion, I just am inclined to disagree with it. I feel that black men lack variety.

  • galefan2004

    @Tony: You mean the chip where he is racist against every single white person on earth but claims blacks can’t be racist? I assume some white dude really worked him over good at some point, and he can’t let it go even if it happened 20 years ago.

  • galefan2004

    @GBM: The difference is that you have now called white christian America bigots at least two times, and no one has tried to defend them. We comment on bigoted black America and you are ready to rip our heads off for doing it. I don’t grasp why you can defend bigots simply because they are black. Just because someone is white doesn’t mean I defend them against blacks.

  • galefan2004

    @AlwaysGay: Actually we all know the EXACT opposite. What you are proposing has been done twice, and both times if failed. The second time it was done, the Repugs didn’t even back it. Were you lost for the last 8 years?

  • galefan2004

    @C-Teller: Unwelcome in the woman’s rights movement. Hell, there is nothing worse that I can imagine than being a black lesbian woman. Every single one of the groups is basically at odds with each other. Its amazing how many women’s groups are supporting bigotry in this country.

  • Chitown Kev

    I don’t come here too often anymore, but TANK, the tyler perry part was funny.

  • Trey

    @galefan2004: sigh…what makes you think it’s okay to say something like that? it’s like you didn’t even read the article that this post cites.

  • jason

    Black and gay overlap, of course they do. What I take exception to is the tendency of some black people to hide behind the “black” label in order to insulate themselves from charges of homophobia.

  • galefan2004

    @Trey: I’m not certain what you are replying to…something like what? Something like that black women are the second largest group of HIV/AIDS victims thanks in part to their “down low” men? Something like, only a small population of black men are actually out? Something like, the black community needs to stop backing their homophobes simply because they are black? Pretty much all of it is true.

  • Trey

    @galefan2004: “I feel that black men lack variety.” how can you possibly explain away the bigoted nature of that comment. while i question the veracity of most of your other “points,” your little quip was outside the pale.

  • GBM


    Plain and Simple FUCK YOU!

  • GBM

    And BTW I did not call them bigots it is what it is. My basic point is this. There is no such thing as this group is more greater than that group shit. That has always been my point and will continue to be that.

    And by reading some of your posts. It’s obvious you’re no fan of African Americans not that any of us care neither. All this bogus “Harry Carry” shit you’re saying.

    You don’t know how many Black men are out. And unfortunately yes Black women rates of HIV has risen at least their getting tested. How many wives of white men who don’t use the word “DL” instead they say “Bi”, or “Discreet” and they love bareback sex. How many of them are getting tested???? and who is keeing score?

    I can go on and on…But the point is this. There is NO greater, or Lesser. Whomever has issues with this community it needs to be addressed. And if you’re a part of this community and have issues yourself dealing with race, etc. Maybe you need to check yourself and stop trying to justify YOUR RACISM by spewing other communities issues of biasness when yours have their own!

  • W

    Bullshit thread. As usual. Fuck Queerty.

  • Rob

    @W: I wouldn’t blame Queerty for this as much as the posters here. I honestly think some of them just. don’t. read. How else would you explain that bullshit “GaleFan” spouts about “DL” men being responsible for HIV rates in black women? Oh boy, I could go into a whole sociological narrative about how that meme is not only untrue, but also results in victimizing black women while simultaneously denying them autonomy and personal responsibility, but I won’t. I will say that a lot of people here should start getting their information from something other than soundbites and blogs.

    Yikes. These are the “white knights” running the gay community, people. No fucking wonder we can’t get anywhere.

  • justnow

    @DeAnimator: and muscular and under 30

    @Oscar: what about latins oscar? there was a story on this site about the most tops being in the lower americas- and a few commentators saying it had to do with the homophobia in latin cultures

    @GBM: and not all rejects as well…..

    @Rob: so queerty is really bad huh?…..

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