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The Black Party’s 2011 Trailer Makes Me Think Everyone’s Gonna Get HIV

Does this trailer make you want to attend the 2011 Black Party? Spring is in the air, so you know what that means: We’re just two weeks away from Saint At Large’s annual event in New York City. Theme this year: “Rites XXXII.” When I see videos like this, I like to imagine what an alien from a distant galaxy would think when he saw it. Is this an invitation to a gay party? Or the beginning of a new era of humankind, where everyone has a clone? Because man, there sure is a lot of focus on cells and cheek swabs, which actually makes me think less about genetics than it does about all the diseases I’m gonna catch when I get there.

(And don’t even think we didn’t catch those split-second shots of dudes pounding. We did.)

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  • Spike

    What an incredibly ignorant headline.

    And just a little bit on the judgement regarding, “…makes me think less about genetics than it does about all the diseases I’m gonna catch when I get there.” Last I checked, you can’t catch HIV from dancing with someone.

    Queerty should be ashamed of themselves.

  • no thanks


    I actually think the headline is pretty spot on. Cloning, replicating; that’s what HIV does at a rapid rate.

    The black party seems like a place where dudes go to get creamed and they didn’t have to use the scientific cell imagery to make me think that yearly party was just another excuse to act like teenagers.

  • Fitz

    Very unappealing to me. But then, I am not the target audience. I don’t take speed, I don’t stand in line to go dancing, and I don’t think gay men have to look like clones to be attractive. And I totally associated that imagery with seroconversion.

  • Spike

    @no thanks:

    And if the same headline were to appear on a homophobic christian website, you would say it is spot on as well? Oh really?

  • Simon

    At least music is awesome

  • Rob

    I find this headline and article highly offensive! soo stereotypical and cliche! bravo to a job NOT well done!

  • Rob

    I find this article and headline very offensive.. so cliche and stereotypical. bravo to a job NOT well done.

  • Bobby Trendy

    Black Party ,White Party ads should be about music and lites and fun.
    This video makes m ethink of germs,deaths,autuopsys and such.
    Its not appealing and reminds me to not have unsafe sex or be high.
    Theres nothing wrong with sex and fun -but this video isnt promoting fun
    Its promoting depression and germs
    Theres my 2 censt worth!!
    Imma go have lunch now

  • Qjersey

    They should just call it a conversion party or a Poz Convention. I went once, guys were barebacking all over place and you got sneered at like you were some “nerd” if you refused to bareback.

    …and don’t get me started on the tweakers and G-heads.

  • Fitz

    Maybe they should get the ID of the men who attend there, and use that info to make them pay for their own HIV meds in a few years. I mean, WTF…

  • lemon-lime

    @Spike: The content of the video definitely makes me think about all the STI testing I have to regularly have done because I’m a sexually active gay male (Thankfully, not much lately because I’ve been in a monogamous. relationship for the last 2 years,) Not cloning, and definitely not dance party. What part of the title is ignorant? We all know what happens at these parties. I think it’s ignorant to pretend it doesn’t.

  • BostonGuy

    I guess I’ll be alone in this, but I think it’s a very well-done ad for a kink crowd. Looks very rubbery, tubey, mad-scientist. The guy looks hot, the music is good. I think it’s very creative. But, as for the actual Black Party itself, yes I know it’s supposed to be an awful druggy mess for a bunch of irresponsible types who don’t look anywhere near as good as the guy in this vid.

  • Jonathan

    @BostonGuy: Its a mess from Hell itself. Things I saw there will haunt me forever.

  • Oprah

    I am not following, what is it supposed to be advertising?

  • .i5

    That video was kinda gross. It definitely doesn’t make me want to attend.

  • Kamen

    WOW, First of all it is impossible to get HIV from watching a video. Get Real! The Black party is just that. A PARTY! Yes, there are some that are not responsible and then there are some like myself who are even more cautious at a party such as this and dont participate in the “extra” festivities!
    Always protect yourself in any situation. I watch Fox News from time to time and I assure you Im not turning into a fat homo hating republican with a vicodin habit!

  • Miami Mike

    Hmmmmm…. well here’s what I think. It’s an ad for a party that targets a specific audience. If this audience is not you then you might think it’s really lame and maybe offensive. It’s no secret that many people, perhaps the majority, will be using drugs at this event. Kind of like people smoking pot at a Gratefull Dead concert. So now that you know people will be doing drugs, and we all know that drugs and unprotected sex spreads HIV and disease, then yes people will be infected on that night. Stereo-types are based on at least partial truth. I’m sure they’ll be about 100 people there not on drugs. If that’s not what you enjoy then don’t go. And yeah the ad looks more like a nazi HIV infection project than anything else.

  • Miami Mike

    @BostonGuy: As someone who’s into rubber, leather and a whole lot of other wrong this video did nothing for me.

  • no thanks

    @Spike: Yes I would say it’s spot on if a christian website featured this same article and headline. Guess what: they’re already doing that; they’re already using our own screwed up culture against us and we just keep lowering the bar with every single crisco-disco throwback party.

    Do heterosexual people flaunt their sexuality and risky behavior? Of course, but their culture is accepted, ours is not. Instead of trying to highlight the stable relationships of many of our gay and lesbian friends and neighbors, we’re always the first to cry “libertarian” or lassez-faire regarding sexual practices and organized sex parties, playing right into the hands of people who aim to push us back in the closet and strip us of our rights.

    I don’t doubt that the Black Party, for some, is just a party, and an opportunity to dance with friends and let loose. More power to them. If you want to try to tell me, however, that the road to acceptance, equal rights, and normalization of our culture will be bought with muscled tweakers bare backing strangers to some tired Junior Vasquez remix, you’re sorely mistaken.

    I am so sick of gay men telling me that I should be ok with their embarrassing behavior that conservative groups use as examples of depravity to deny me my rights. I am sick of gay men killing each other, adding to trillions of dollars of health care costs for a few shudders and sprays of pleasure just so they can say they’re “liberated”.

    What crack did to blacks we are doing to our own community by continuing to spread HIV. When will it be enough? Call me Larry Kramer, but don’t you love gay men? I love gay men, which is why it makes me so sad when we continue to make the same mistakes and placate ourselves by attaining perfect bodies and timeshares on Fire Island.

    I want a real life and I deserve it.

  • Jeffree

    @No Thanks: Um, you need to move somewhere else if you’re so obsessed with the Black Party, Fire Island, etc that you don’t realize that represents a small percent of gay America. You probably just walk or fly right by the whole lot of us out here in the real world who don’t bugchase, bareback, tweak or twirl.

    But you’d probably call us boring if you saw us.

  • justiceontherocks

    @no thanks: Are you kidding? It’s OK for breeders to “flaunt their sexuality” because it’s accepted? You’re upset because some gay people offend conservatives groups and that is “The Gays” fault? I’d say the problem is with your thinking, not with what someone does at a party.

  • no thanks

    @Jeffree and Justiceontherocks: It’s clear that you don’t understand what I am saying. I agree that the hate of conservative groups towards gays is their responsibility, but why do we actively feed into their defamation by basing our culture on nude, ripped bodies and drug fueled parties?

    Are the attendees of parties like the Black Party a small minority of us? Yes, but they get all of the attention and more importantly, all of the bad attention and then we’re dumbfounded when groups like NOM and Focus on the Family paint us as perverts who spread disease.

    You can’t have your penis-shaped cake and eat it, too.

  • Jonathan

    @no thanks: Brilliantly said and spot on!

  • Chris

    What an ignorant, close minded author of this article. His title..”
    Makes Me Think Everyone’s Gonna Get HIV” is way off base. Its not everyone is “gonna” get HIV but rather they ALREADY ALL HAVE HIV!

  • D

    Oh, Let’s Get real. The black party is a sex parties. You have people walking around with trays of lube and condoms. So it is safe to say that that there’s a close relation between hiv and the black party (if you party unsafely). Most of the guys who are there and have been up for 20+hrs are tweeked out of their minds and the last thing they want to use is a condom.

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