The Charlie Crist Gay Wedding Album

Congratulations, Charlie Crist! Not only did you marry your sweetheart (read: politically convienent trophy bride) Carole Rome, you also managed to out-fake-tan the bride.

Fortunately for Christ’s wedding guests (which included Geraldo Rivera), looking for something to distract them from His Orangeness’ glow was easy with the approximately 250 protesters outside St. Petersburg’s First Methodist Church on Saturday, bearing signs reading “Congratulations Governor Crist. When can I get married?” and shouting “Justice! Now!” throughout the ceremony. The Governor tepidly supported Ammendment 2, which banned same-sex marriage in Florida.

Because we don’t want to blind you, we’re eschewing photos of the bride and groom for a gallery of the plucky nuptial protest, organized by Impact Florida, after the jump.