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The Closeted Gay MLB Player Who’s Quitting Baseball … Republican Gays Don’t Want Obamacare

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• This closeted gay MLB player is blogging his exploits. But is he about to quit baseball? So he says. But don’t expect him to come out.

• Being gay has absolutely no impact your parenting abilities with an adopted child. Age and pre-adoptive sexual, however, do change things. OF COURSE.

• Equality California is raging mad anti-gay former State Sen. Charles Poochigian, who lost the attorney general race to Jerry Brown, was confirmed for the 5th District Court of Appeal: “We find this appointment by the Governor to be appalling. Not only because Poochigian voted against every LGBT bill that came before him while in the legislature. Not only because the Judicial Nomination Committee of the State Board found him “Not Qualified.” Not only because the National Organization for Women-California Chapter and other groups are opposed to his appointment due to his dismal record on issues pertaining to the rights of women, people of color, people with disabilities and workers. But because all Californians will have to wonder about his commitment to justice when important issues come before the Court.”

• The, like, four-member GOProud, which split from the Log Cabin Republicans, won’t be backing healthcare reform as it stands: “The conventional wisdom says that gays and lesbians should support Democrats’ efforts to expand the federal government’s role in healthcare. After all, in 2008 more than 70 percent of gay voters supported Barack Obama for president, and Democrats up and down the ballot count on gay dollars to fuel their campaigns and advocacy work. The Democrats would never push healthcare reform that actually hurts gay and lesbian Americans, right? Wrong. The truth is that Democratic efforts to expand government-run healthcare will expand discrimination and make quality, affordable healthcare even less available to gay and lesbian families all across the country.”

• British man blackmailed out of cash by guy he met on the web.

• October is GLBT history month. Celebrate by going to this website.

• Germany selecting a homo Guido Westerwelle as foreign minister?

Churches “struggle” over whether to leave ELCA over gay vote.

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  • Jack

    ‘pre-adoptive sexual’? What’s that?

  • Dave

    Jesus Christ. Now you’re mixing the ads for your sponsor in with actual news content in the same post?

    Appalling. No wonder no one takes bloggers seriously.

  • Jason

    There are only two reasons to be in the closet in 2009:

    1. You are a coward.
    2. You are in the US military.

    Congratulations to that gay jock.

    He is a sellout coward.

  • aeblikkon

    @Jack: Queerty doesn’t say, but Reuters does: it’s “pre-adoptive sexual abuse”. Suspicious that they choose to explicitly choose to include this in a report about sexual orientation, as if the two are related.

  • Duncan Behines

    Jason, you are clueless and probably should refrain from further comment. You do not know every gay closeted individual’s situation. You don’t know their childhood. You don’t know their background. You don’t know where they live. You don’t know their family. You don’t know their career. You don’t know their life. Some things are more important to people than being out and proud. Some people are not willing to risk certain aspects of their life to be out. Some people are not willing to risk their lives to be out and proud. You think every neighborhood in the United States is like the Castro? For some people it’s a safety issue. There are all sorts of reasons for why people stay in the closet. What does 2009 have to do with anything? Who cares if it’s 2009? Yeah it’s 2009 and homophobia still exists. Racism still exists. Hate still exists. You must be living in a fantasy world.

  • Jason

    @Duncan Behines:

    Duncan FAIL.

    If the blog is real at all, I think he is a sell-out coward.

  • Joey


    You are really dense. Re-read Duncan’s comment. Then read it again. Then read it again. Don’t stop reading until your self-absorbed, holier-than-thou attitude is gone.

  • Jason


    YOU LIE!

  • tjr101

    @Jason: You’ve won the prize for making the most ignorant statement of the day. Apparently you’ve lived every life possible to know someone’s situation and deem it cowardice to be in the closet.
    Let me guess… you live in Chelsea, no Castro? You’re living in a bubble Missy.

  • Spence


    “YOU LIE!”? What kind of response is that to what Joey said? There is no lie. Opinions and suggestions can’t be lies. You are an idiot.

    If you actually read what Duncan, Joey, and TJR101 said (and understood it), it might just help you get one step closer to having a cogent opinion and not being a boorish jackass.

  • Jason


    Just moved to San Diego from DC.

  • Ryan

    If the guy really is in the MLB or minor leagues, I could hardly blame him for staying in the closet. It’s one thing to be an All Star and come out, it would be another thing for a minor league moderate prospect to come out, or major league utility player. The chances of that person staying in the game would be small — and the pressure overwhelming, as there would be so much expectations for the only openly gay player in the league. So long as the player isn’t acting anti-gay while in the closet, I don’t think there should be any intense pressure put on him. I hope he eventually comes out, that’s real important, but at the end of the day a pay check is also important… and most prospects aren’t making the big bucks.

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