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The Cross-Dressing Gay Boys Of Dance Indian Dance

Dance India Dance, a sort of So You Think You Can Dance in India (and obviously with more Bollywood styles), is matching wits with Israel’s dancing show: It’s prepared to showcase the first gay couple ever.

If only Ryan Seacrest were there to get a soundbite from the screaming contestants (not pictured):

Reports from the sets of the television show claimed that there were a couple of men sitting and watching the beautiful dance movements of Mahesh Tamang and literally fantasizing her, little did they know that the girl would emerge as a boy named Mahesh Tamang! And Mahesh was not the only contestant in the ‘Dance India Dance’ audition to be dressed as a girl, a boy named Pankaj performed to the song of the year ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ in the Jaipur auditions of ‘Dance India Dance’. The judges were more than happy with their dances and these gay men will definitely find their way into the top performers list, assured Geeta Kapoor, one of the sitting judges.

I’m taking Oneindia‘s word for it that the fellas are gay, and a couple, and not trans or something in between. Now we just have to see whether producers will stick with tradition and use the queers to get all transphobic.

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  • romeo

    I hope this gets u-tubed.

  • Ryan

    For reference, it’s problematic for us to assume that they’re either gay or trans. There’s a good chance they identify as hijras or something else altogether. Welcome to neo-colonialist cultural warfare!

  • David Gervais

    Didn`t find the video described above, but did find this:

  • Jay

    I watch this show sometimes. That judge is totally gay. He has the most queeny fab outfits. love it.

    Why is it that anytime an Indian male dresses in women’s clothing people assume they’re Hijras? Fact is Westernization has diminished the whole Hijra trend.

    It could be just different social norms….But they probably is gay! haha. I don’t think it would be problematic. Having gays in comedies and reality TV isn’t usually controversial…just like the West.

  • paulcanning

    [quote] I’m taking Oneindia’s word for it that the fellas are gay, and a couple, and not trans or something in between. [Unquote]

    Oh beleive it. You Americans are behind INDIA when it comes to reality TV and gays.

    eat. It.

    U ain’t ‘exceptional’.

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