The Daily Skreeve: Free Ice Cream! Whee!

• We know you don’t do the low-carb/no-dairy thing anymore. So over. And good thing: Benn & Jerry’s is FREE tomorrow. [Jossip]

• Under the files of “why didn’t we get that for ourselves when we had the chance?”–You can own For two million dollars. Notice how you hear Dr. Evil’s voice when you read that? TWO MILLLLLION DOLLARS. [HotHouse]

• The love for 8th and Ocean continues. You must start watching this show. What is it about Ajax that we love so much? [AjaxInTheCity]

• Honorary lesbian Pink sings her “Dear Mr. President” live in NYC, and takes one more step to becoming the best friend the gays ever had. Yeah, we’ve heard the rumors too, maybe they’re true and maybe they’re not, it doesn’t matter. Just let her sing. [VirtualMatter]

• If you’re going to rip on President George, make sure Jenna and Barbara aren’t in the room. [Wonkette]