The Dr. Horrible Prequel Is Unauthorized. AND IT IS AWESOME

Sorry, no Joss Whedon or Neil Patrick Harris involvement here. But this unofficial prequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is ambitious, hilarious, and worth every minute of your spare time. Director Chance McClain (day job: radio programmer) and his Houston crew, who say they paid for the film themselves (via tax returns), have no moviemaking experience, but we couldn’t tell.

“I started writing at the beginning of March and the bulk of the music was recorded by the end of May,” he tells PopWatch. “The movie was cast in June and filmed over 24 days in July and August. Editing was completed on October 9, just hours before we had a premiere at the historic River Oaks Theater in Houston.”

The whole thing is 10 parts; the first is above, and the next nine are on the next page. Find the time and watch!

(If you want to see where he first becomes Dr. Horrible, skip to Part 8.)