Watering Holes

The First Time: Gay and Lesbian Writers Discuss Losing Their Gay Bar V-Cards


Stonewall Inn in 1998. (Robert Giard ©Jonathan G. Silin)

As gay pride month winds down, Slate.com‘s June Thomas takes a close look at that fabled meeting place where the gay rights movement ostensibly began: the gay bar. The first piece, on Monday, focused on the historical importance of the bar as a meeting place, both social and political.

The second piece asks gay and lesbian writers to chronicle their first experiences in gay bars. The resulting stories, from the likes of Alison Bechdel, David Rakoff, Simon Doonan, Dan Savage, and more, are alternately hilarious and heartwarming.

Where was your first gay bar experience? What was it like? Share your thoughts in the comments section with queerty!