The Foo Fighters’ Counter-Protest To Westboro Baptist Is Funny, Except For One Thing

The “God Hates Fags” Westboro Baptist Church recently picketed the Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City because the Foo Fighters made this ultra-gay truckstop shower video… or something. So how did Dave Grohl and the other Foo Fighters welcome the fag haters? By singing a song about being “in the mood for some hot man muffins.” Sounds good! But the Foo Fighters also support Alive and Well, an organization that denies the connection between HIV and AIDS, and that sounds very bad.

Yes, the Foo Fighters put on the same truck driver costumes as they wore in their gay shower video, boarded a truck festooned with American flags and sang a song called “Keep It Clean.” The song’s not entirely gay, but here are its more eyebrow raising lyrics:

Driving all night got a hankerin’ for somethin’.
Think I’m in the mood for some hotman muffins
Sounds so fun, yes indeed

Keep it clean
My daddy said keep it clean
Keep it clean
My daddy said keep it clean

They’re looking for a fight
Ain’t looking for trouble
Howdy Mr. Right have you met Mr. Bubble
Hey over there, ain’t she sweet

Near the end of the song, the Foo Fighters front man even gives a shout out to men lovin’ men and women lovin’ women, saying he doesn’t care what you are and God Bless America!

This is great and all, but as Towleroad points out, Foo Fighters bassist Nate Mendel  helped organize a sold-out benefit concert for Alive and Well, an AIDS denialist group that disavows any connection between HIV and AIDS and tells people to avoid HIV testing and HIV drug treatment. For a time in the early 2000, the band featured an Alive and Well banner on its website (since taken down).

Dave Grohl does endorse marriage equality, but first he refuses to let Glee perform his songs and now this? Between the fag haters and the AIDS denialists, we’re thinking of staying away from the concert and just volunteering at our local clinic instead.