The Foo Fighters’ Counter-Protest To Westboro Baptist Is Funny, Except For One Thing

The “God Hates Fags” Westboro Baptist Church recently picketed the Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City because the Foo Fighters made this ultra-gay truckstop shower video… or something. So how did Dave Grohl and the other Foo Fighters welcome the fag haters? By singing a song about being “in the mood for some hot man muffins.” Sounds good! But the Foo Fighters also support Alive and Well, an organization that denies the connection between HIV and AIDS, and that sounds very bad.

Yes, the Foo Fighters put on the same truck driver costumes as they wore in their gay shower video, boarded a truck festooned with American flags and sang a song called “Keep It Clean.” The song’s not entirely gay, but here are its more eyebrow raising lyrics:

Driving all night got a hankerin’ for somethin’.
Think I’m in the mood for some hotman muffins
Sounds so fun, yes indeed

Keep it clean
My daddy said keep it clean
Keep it clean
My daddy said keep it clean

They’re looking for a fight
Ain’t looking for trouble
Howdy Mr. Right have you met Mr. Bubble
Hey over there, ain’t she sweet

Near the end of the song, the Foo Fighters front man even gives a shout out to men lovin’ men and women lovin’ women, saying he doesn’t care what you are and God Bless America!

This is great and all, but as Towleroad points out, Foo Fighters bassist Nate Mendel  helped organize a sold-out benefit concert for Alive and Well, an AIDS denialist group that disavows any connection between HIV and AIDS and tells people to avoid HIV testing and HIV drug treatment. For a time in the early 2000, the band featured an Alive and Well banner on its website (since taken down).

Dave Grohl does endorse marriage equality, but first he refuses to let Glee perform his songs and now this? Between the fag haters and the AIDS denialists, we’re thinking of staying away from the concert and just volunteering at our local clinic instead.

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  • Jason

    I feel like you’re reaching here. “Not performing (his) songs on Glee” has nothing to do with it. Glee is a shitty show. I wouldn’t blame him.

  • gregger

    @Jason: Daniel always reaches. I used to regularly comment here and really only check back in on occasion. My reason, Daniel Villarreal and his admission that this site is using Fox News style sensationalism and seeming (not just to me but many of the “former” regular commenters) to skew the truth.

    @Daniel Villarreal, (or is that Surreal?) Glee is not a good show. They’ve thrown a few bones to LGBT but not much. I would not allow the show to use songs that I own rights to. Does that make me anti-gay in your book?

  • AedanRoberts

    @1 they may be reaching in concern with Glee- but their point about the denialist group is right on the money. That kind of thing is extremely ignorant, dangerous, and counterproductive. And to support such a ridiculous group is to be equally ridiculous and open for criticism or even boycott. I am, quite frankly, shocked this kind of group has any traction in a first world nation- though I know I shouldn’t be.

  • Lefty

    More publicity for Phelps! Excellent!!
    That’s what we want, isn’t it?

  • christopher di spirito

    Oh great. Another group of HIV/AIDS denialists. Talk about irresponsible. Listen, I like the Foo Fighters music but, their message about AIDS is dangerous.

  • Cam

    What does not allowing Glee to perform their songs have to do with anything? So far Glee has never shown Rachel’s parents, the two gay men even though they’ve shown everybody else’s parents.

    They were supposed to make Cord Overstreet gay but said that he and Quin had chemestry so they didn’t go that way. (In otherwords, he didn’t seem gay enough) etc…

    Glee is good, but it isn’t the shining light on the hill for gay issues.

  • ewe

    AIDS is like Cancer. It is way too broad a term. I know many people who passed away from very different ailments all summed up as AIDS. It is somewhat annoying to clump everybody in the same boat. An aneurysm vs. pneumocystis are two completely different ways to die. However both were considered AIDS related. Both people are dead as dead can be just as dead as an infant from crib death. That is like saying the human is one species. Yeah so what. Each of us are still individuals. I know people who know and like their dogs better than other people. And then some say a tomato is a fruit and some say a tomato is a vegetable. I personally do not have a problem with a tomato being bisexual.

  • steve

    I also don’t think just because they won’t let Glee cover their songs, that automatically means their is an anti gay agenda behind it.

    For every song that Glee does a great job covering, there are another 3 songs it absolutely does a shit job of covering. Perhaps that has something to do with it.

  • Skeloric

    Fred Phelps getting rubbed in every bigots face is like taking some “casual smoker” to the “Terminal Lung Cancer Wing” in some hospital.
    Most people just sort of “dabble” in being offensively stupid, Fred Phelps has made a career out of it.
    Even if only one person a month is nudged leftward on the Equal Rights/Equal Marriage issue out a desire to distance himself from Fred Phelps, Fred Phelps has done the only job his tirades could reasonably achieve.
    I really wonder how many Republicans we have managed to pull leftward and how many Phelps has PUSHED leftward?
    The answer might surprise us.

  • Lefty

    @Skeloric: Phelps is secretly pro-gay. It’s the only explanation…

  • MIchael

    Can Queerty, and whatever gay men feel like bitching about our allies, stop being such whiny little a-holes? Here’s a very popular group being full-on pro gay and ONCE AGAIN some of us in the gay community need to find something to bitch about. Just f’n pathetic.

  • Lefty

    @MIchael: I’m always baffled when some gay people talk about our “allies” and then go on to talk down to other gay people – as though straight people who say they support gay people are more important to them than actual gay people. Bizarre.
    You hear this most of all when any gay person dares to – shock, horror – say they’re not all that keen on Lady Gaga.
    “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt!!??? She’s our ALLY you stupid fucking self-hating bitter old faggot!!!” is the usual hypocritical response.
    If these allies are genuine, we don’t have to hold our tongue if we disagree with them or kiss their ass to retain their favor – they’ll continue to support a cause they feel is right.
    I say, show some backbone and speak your branes. :)

  • the crustybastard

    After the “Sweet Transvestite” mess, no self-respecting artist would allow Glee to bastardize and bowdlerize their music.

  • ewe

    @Lefty: I agree. I do not like handing out gold stars to straight people for doing what i have always done regarding them. I like my straight neighbor. He should be able to have just as much equality as me. Where is the applause?

  • John

    How is not allowing your songs on Glee anti-gay? I’m gay and think that show is terrible. All the singers sound the same: like some forgettable American Idol winner. How will they capture the screaming and rawness of Foo Fighters songs when they make Michael Jackson sound edgy?

  • Rozz01

    I’m not sure, but if I remember my Los Angeles Early Punk Rock 101… Pat Smear is at least Bi.. makes him more than just an ally.

  • Cam


    You need to calm your little 7th grade hysterical ass down.

    The comments were about this group that is encouraging people to not get tested for AIDS and are denying that it is a problem. So great allies there.

  • Goodnight Moon

    Fuck you, Queerty. Go after homophobia, and leave Dave Grohl alone.

  • Rusty

    •Foo Fighters woul be ‘Sell-Outs’ in my book, if they allowed a stupid show like glee play their songs.
    •People change their opinions all the time, hence the foo fighters no longer support ‘Alive’ since 2008

  • iseered

    The Foo Fighters distanced themselves from Alive & Well and haven’t mentioned the organisation for several years. Do your homework.

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