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The Gay Twilight 4-Some … Skip Marriage for Civil Unions? … China’s Gay Bar

ON OUR GAYDAR — News, notes, clicks, and quips from around the web.


→ Taylor Lautner’s character Jacob Black in Twilight: New Moon is about the closest thing we’ll get to a queer in Stephanie Meyer’s story. Though, uh, it’s pretty damn close: “[Jacob], in another telegraphed allegory, is struggling with his sexual orientation and eventually rejects Bella for a foursome of local rowdies in cut-off denim shorts and baby-oiled torsos. ‘It’s not a lifestyle choice, Bella! I was born this way!’ he says, before fleeing into the woods with the beefy boys — they are also werewolves, but in the movie’s hysterical emotional register, this is of secondary importance.”

→ Sitting down around the Thanksgiving table, this black lesbian finally heard the words from her mother she’d been waiting for: “No, honey. I no longer want you to be straight. I’m used to you this way.”

Anderson Cooper won 2005’s Media Person of the Year contest, but there are no gays (Oprah?) in this year’s running.

→ New Jersey’s Catholics keep up the anti-marriage pressure, with bishops telling priests to urge their parishioners to call pray lawmakers make the “right” choice.


→ HLN anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell on coming out: “My coming out as gay has not only NOT negatively impacted my career, it’s actually been a plus! People love it when you reveal yourself for who you really are. The fact is most people are pretty much obsessed with themselves so they don’t really care who you fall in love with. All the fear I had about coming out was self-generated. The sky didn’t fall down. The sun came up the next morning. Eureka!”

→ Despite all the effort for marriage equality, maybe civil unions are enough? Some gay Americans without health care benefits don’t care what it’s called; they just want security.

→ Squaring off in Atlanta, the city’s mayoral contestants are begging for gay votes.


→ Cleveland Indians player Grady Sizemore accidently (almost) proves the worth of his surname by snapping now-leaked pics of himself in front of the mirror.

→ By merely “listening” to the plight of gay Anglicans, devout believers will be tricked into sympathizing with homosexuals!

→ So the FBI has been using a right-wing radio host for its own informant purposes?

→ Gay Inc. might need some retooling, but what about AIDS Inc.?

→ Just because you’re a gay actor doesn’t mean you have to be campy, says Ian McKellan, who has the fortune of being a working actor who doesn’t have to do so.

→ Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky are engaged, despite reports they already married. What a nice right to have for a daughter whose father signed DOMA in to law.

→ The owners of a new gay bar in China’s Yunnan Province? Local authorities, who want to create place for gays to gather … to learn about HIV.

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