The Georgian Journalist Accused of Not Challenging a Guest’s Homophobia

By not challenging the homophobic views of Malkhaz Gulashvili (pictured), the Georgian Times Media owner, during a television interview, Kavkasia TV journalist Aleko Elisashvili apparently violated Article 7 of the journalist charter of Georgia (the country, not the state), which has Inclusive Foundation president Paata Sabelashvili filing complaints over the network encouraging discrimination. Heh. Imagine if the United States had similar journalism ethics provisions; CNN would be buried in paperwork.

Malkhaz Gulashvili apparently went beyond just talking about Georgia-Russia relations during the debates. He touched on Church and state relations, criticised the Government for what he called its ‘pseudo-liberal’ values and said that that there is an “unruly propaganda for profanity, for instance homosexuals and lesbians” in Georgia.

Aleko Elisashvili, the host of the programme, interrupted Gulashvili and asked him to let them (homosexuals) alone, which induced giggles in the studio guests, and the discussion shifted back to politics. The debate weaved back to the issues of homosexuality and same sex marriage later but the anchor did not comment this time, giving other guests the opportunity to express opinions. This is where his fault lay, according to Sabelashvili.

[Georgian Times]