The “Girls” Emotional-Age Recap: “One Man’s Trash”

As fans of Girls know, Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, and Jessa are big on mouthiness but low on maturity. So each week, blogger Chris J. Kelly is grading the four main characters’ emotional ages based on their words and actions.

Chris took a semester of psychology so he’s, like, totally qualified.

This week, the show threw us a curve ball by featuring only one of the usual quartet. Rather than short-change everyone (because I know how you hang on my every word), I’ll get a little creative and offer three different hypotheses for Hannah’s stage of development.


s2e5 hannah 03

Option 1
Hannah is 18

During my first year in college, I did a lot of thinking about what life might be like once I graduated: the job I would get, the man I would marry, the trips I would take, the sex I would have…

Well, Hannah’s pretty focused on numbers 2 and 4. In fact, it’s not hard to see this whole episode as just some odd fantasy she’s having. There she is, lying in her freshman dorm, envisioning the blond doctor who will cook her steak, bang her on the ping-pong table and save her when she faints in the sauna. It’d be so perfect!

Of course, Hannah’s version of an ideal relationship ignores almost all real-world complications—responsibilities outside their gorgeous brownstone would only get in the way. She’s old enough to know what a great life looks like, but not mature enough to accept the compromises necessary to achieve one.


s2e5 hannah 02

Option 2
Hannah is 7

If this week is all a game of pretend, then maybe it’s as simple as playing house. That makes Joshua just a doll to be controlled. Hannah can make him skip work, coerce him into begging her to stay, and even change his name to suit her preferences! When she wants to talk, he has to listen; when it’s his turn to speak, she can tell him what to say.

Everything in this microcosm is under her command, and it all follows the structure of a typical fairy tale wish fulfillment narrative. Her three-day arc with this man is more or less a sexually explicit version of a story your mom would tell you at bedtime.


s2e5 hannah 01

Option 3
Hannah is 58

Imagine that you spot someone having an illegal interaction with your trash bin. She has no belongings beyond the clothes on her back. When you talk to her, she describes a long history of abuse and delusions. Much of what she says does not make sense. Going to work is nowhere on her agenda.

Sure, it’s sweet of you to feed her and offer her a place to stay, but there’s no getting around the fact that you let an aging homeless woman into your impossibly well-appointed house. She doesn’t need your lemonade: she needs professional help from several sources.



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  • fuckyeahNelsonHernandez

    okay what i’m about to say is nothing new, but I really truly hate this show. the thing is, i really wanted to like this show. i enjoyed season 1, i got through it, but hated 1/2 the characters. it ended so shitty though. what a self conscious show i though. but i kinda got over it, and then started season 2… i looked forward to it. but i started to feel that it was so unbelievably unrealistic. the characters: unrelatable, and even more self-conscious than season 1. it was so so disconnected from reality. i turned it off after that tea bag moment when Marne had that interview with the Art Dealer. that moment was so indicative of the entire show as a whole: this shit does not really happen, and its just really dumb.

  • kayakriver

    im not old enough or female but i was having hot flashes with this episode. loved it.

  • Presty15

    I was liking the show, and digging the trailer w Patrick Wilson meeting up w Hannah over some hoked-up trash can usage intra-Brooklyn feud. I spent a long time living in Brooklyn though, and the weekend would NEVER happen, unless she means to go all “Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction” down the road. Which I doubt. Plus what ever happened to the HPV she’s supposedly sporting? Just sayin….

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