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The Homo Romance On Life Is Beautiful Might Teach Inmates To Go Gay, Government Worries

“Mothers” aren’t the only ones railing against the television show Life Is Beautiful, which features ostracized gay couple Tae-seop and Gyeong-su, for the likelihood of it turning viewers gay. So too are the folks in charge of prisons, worried inmates might get too many ideas by seeing two dudes kiss.

The South Korean drama — the only show there to feature gays in love — caught the eye of the government’s Ministry of Justice, which demanded all correctional facilities immediately halt letting inmates watch the program.

The ministry ordered the authorities in charge of managing correctional facilities nationwide to stop showing “Life is Beautiful,” an SBS TV drama, to inmates from Aug. 4, expressing fear that the portrayed gay relationship in the show would negatively affect prisoners. The ministry runs the “Borami” network, which records TV programs and reruns them for inmates. “Life is Beautiful” used to air every Wednesday. “The program was promoted as a family drama. However, the focus seemed to have moved to a gay relationship, which does not suit the purpose of the Borami network,” a ministry official said.

Also, please make sure no episodes of Gossip Girl pop up on the prison TV network, because I’d hate to see the incarcerated suddenly become bitchy status-obsessed snobs with manageable coke habits.