The HPV Vaccine For Girls? Works In Boys, Too!

New research suggests that Gardasil, the vaccine developed to protect women against some strains of the cervical cancer-causing human papilloma-virus (HPV), is also effective in preventing HPV infections in men. … Palefsky says the vaccine would still make an effective preventative health tool for everyone because the same strains of HPV that cause most cervical cancers in women also cause a majority of anal cancers in men.” Yes, HPV (or human papillomavirus) is the one that causes genital warts. So this is really good news. In women, it’s thought to lead to cervical cancer, while it can also lead to cancer of the anus and penis.

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  • ggreen

    This is just another FREE advertisement for Gardasil and it’s manufacturer Merck. Notice its “some strains” and “may prevent” they have new “breakthrough” press releases every few months about this largely ineffective drug.

  • oh boy

    This is an issue that deserves more attention. Gay men are much more likely to get anal cancer than straight men, and it is due to the HPV Virus. Plus I think the HPV Virus may have to due with other conditions, such as irritable bowel, that they do not even know about. The fact that they focus so much on women and HPV and not men (who give it to women) is ridiculous.

    After Farrah, why don’t people talk more about HPV? Especially gay men? We should be supporting and demanding a vaccine.

  • anonyy...

    @ #1

    Gardasil is said to be effective againgst 70% of hpv strains. Yea its not some miracle shot, but why be so negative about progressing medicine. This shot is the first of its kind, and it wont replace “safer sex”, but it will lower people risk of an a hpv infection.

  • RainaWeather

    possible side effect=death

  • oh boy

    @RainaWeather: Do you mean a possible side effect of the the HPV vaccine is death?

  • strumpetwindsock

    Several of our provinces have approved funding for the HPV vaccine for women (they get it for free, in other words) but not for men.

    Not to get into the issue of whether the vaccine is a good or bad idea, what is the sense in vaccinating only women, yet leave half the population open to contracting and transmitting the virus?

  • Chad

    Lighten up people! I’m a gay man who participated in a Gardasil study with absolutely no side effects. I think everyone should be able to get these shots (yes, it takes three shots over the course of several months).

  • oh boy

    @Chad: Really? Where did you do this? Because if you go anywhere on the Internet they always say there is no vaccination available for men. And that sucks. Please share your story.

  • Jennifer

    So now Big Pharma is happy to use your male children as guinea pigs, too. I guess it really IS the 21st Century.

    Just think: twice the LOOT! Don’t be sucked in. It is SNAKE OIL.

  • oh boy

    @Jennifer: How do you know that? What if they would have said that about the polio vaccine?

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