The Killer Saudi Prince: Male Escorts Refute His Story About Not Being A Big Homo

Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, the Saudi prince on trial for strangling and killing his servant Bandar Abdulaziz, continues insisting before a British court he did not get all gay with him, despite the bite marks and what investigators describe as a “sexual element” to the murder. But a bartender and a couple of escorts might disagree!

Al Saud, the grandson of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, admits to killing Abdulaziz, but says he is not guilty of the murder charges against him (“just” manslaughter). What he won’t admit to, however, is being in some bizarre sexual relationship with the deceased.

The prince has denied being gay but the court heard a barman at the Sanderson Hotel said the prince flirted with him and suggested they go on a date. Two male escorts also visited the prince’s hotel suite and police said that he had visited gay escort websites. The prince, a grandson of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, is alleged to have subjected his aide to repeated vicious assaults over several weeks. The court heard that the victim, an orphan who had been adopted by a middle-class family, had met Saud through friends and spent the last three years travelling as an “occasional companion”.

Jurors saw video footage of the pair in an elevator, three weeks before the killing, at the hotel they were staying at on their extended holiday.

[Prosecutor Jonathan Laidlaw] also said there was evidence [… the prince] had abused his aide in the past, showing jurors video shot in the Landmark’s elevator which appears to show the shaven-headed prince, dressed in white, throwing his 32-year-old servant around and battering him. Abdulaziz, dressed in black, occasionally tries to protect his head but otherwise meekly absorbs the punches. “It is a nasty assault with the victim suffering a whole series of blows being struck with both fists and elbows,” Laidlaw said. “What is also evident from the victim’s behavior is that he had become by this point almost entirely submissive. He either could not or did not at any stage offer any sort of resistance to the assault, attempt to fight back or even raise his hand to the defendant.”

Money really can’t buy you class.

[Mirror, Malaysian Star]

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  • Soupy

    It’s so telling that someone in this world today would rather admit to murder than having sex with a man.

  • t money

    total domestic violence situation.
    there is no excuse for partern abuse!!!

  • sam

    I read that he was actually a slave and not a servant. In Saudi Arabia you can keep slaves and Koran also allows it.Even if you get killed you can’t do anything because in an autocratic country where the King rules if you protest when you are beaten then that means that you are going against the rulers. This man is not even protesting because he is brought up how slaves are brought up where you just take in what ever is given and not to protest. Remember the srilankan woman who was hammered with 24 nails when she was working as a maid in Saudi.

  • kalifani6

    Why am I amazed that a couple sad individuals found this to be funny. It’s the main reason these ratings are anonymous.

  • kalifani6

    “I read that he was actually a slave and not a servant.”

    I deduced as such.
    “Orphan adopted by a middle class family…”,adopted—yeah, ok.
    In that part of the world(& some places here) it’s not uncommon for parentless children to be subjected to that unspeakable fate.
    Those w/ disadvantages are nothing more than chattle in places like that.

  • fizzydrink


  • JoeyO'H

    He is abusive and he’s lying about being gay (no crime in that) but he murdered his lover. Cut off his balls and shove them down his throat until he chokes to death. In Saudi, an eye for an eye.

  • James W Davis

    Saudis like to conflate oil wealth with some notion of civilization, but it’s clear they still live in the 12th century. As typical supporters of theocracy, they impose their holy ideals upon everyone else, yet are themselves secretly indulgent in everything they publicly decry. They claim greatness for their homeland, but know it’s actually a third-world shit-hole, and therefore spend more time living in places like London or New York. The sooner we rid the planet of this backward vermin, the better.

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