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The Language Of Brad Goreski

Brad Goreski — of The Rachel Zoe Project, although I’m sure his mother would like to remind the world he’s most than that awful Bananas Woman’s employee — speaks a different language than I do. Perhaps you, too. It is filled with fashion euphemisms. He needs a translator.

Sitting in the lobby of the Mercer Hotel just before the most recent New York Fashion Week, where Mr. Goreski was a constant, Zelig-like presence, he explained: “A ‘lewk’ is like, ‘I’m wearing a lewk today,’ it’s something that everybody will notice. It’s like you’re out of the pages of a magazine, that’s a lewk.”

“ ‘Werk’ is a feeling,” he continued, “like you werk your lewk. Like, was it werking? Was it happening, was it going on? A mayjor lewk is, like, above and beyond actual major.”

Mr. Goreski was wearing a skinny Lanvin blazer and pants, Filippa K striped shirt and the solid black-rimmed eyeglasses that are his trademark. A Louis Vuitton doctor bag was snuggled next to his driving loafers. So, was he werking a mayjor lewk with that ensemble?

“Yes,” he offered, sipping an iced nonfat latte. “I’m werking a mayjor lewk.”

It’s actually the perfect language not just for the fauxionably inclined, but also for the millions of Americans who cannot afford to dress like Brad, because of this recession thingy. This class of people, however, pronounce it thusly: “I’m in mayjor need of lewking for new werk.”