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The Mayonnaise + Egg Attack on Anti-Gay Marriage Demonstrators


Is throwing food at anti-gay Catholic protesters any way to accomplish anything? Not unless you’re making a stew from hatred.

Soda, salsa, mayonnaise, and eggs were among the choice weapons to attack members of something called the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, which was happily demonstrating their disdain for same-sex marriage on a street in Warwick, Rhode Island, when a merry band of lady opponents (sorry, “pro-homosexual activists“) drove by in their car, saw what TFP was up to, and threw a soda bottle. They returned with some other things from their fridge, including pepper spray, according the cops.

Last night, four women were arrested, charged with things like battery, simple assault, disorderly conduct, and felony assault with a dangerous weapon or substance.

Chronicles the TFP: “Then we were sprayed with mace. Finally, a burly woman got out of a car and punched our photographer in the face. They shouted obscenities the whole time.”

For an idea of what we’re dealing with, here’s the org’s curbside demonstration in Maine, where there is a lot of honking:

These people must be stopped, ahhhh!