Mollygood Editor Makes Beautiful Woman

The New Issue: Princess Cordless

It all started a few weeks back, when we wrote on Sydney’s Drag Industry Variety Awards. Always curious about the queers, our straight pal Cord Jefferson of Mollygood mused, “I’ve always wondered what I’d look like as a woman.” We made his dreams come true…

We’re not good with makeup, so we called living legend Miss Understood and old (old!) friend Adrian L. Acosta to transform Cord Jefferson into Princess Cordless.

Of course, we’d never let such an opportunity pass without gathering mounds of incriminating evidence, so enlisted Junk Mag editor Brad Walsh and our videographer Zach Golden to document the beautification.

Nina Simone also decided to join the fun and sang “You Must Have Another Lover”! Ain’t she sweet? Not as sweet as Cord, of course…

Flip the page to enjoy a behind the scenes scrapbook of Cord’s rebirth, including shots of all the helpers – except for Miss Understood, who refused to be photographed. She sent one of her own, instead (see?).

If you’re looking for even more drag magic, check out Miss Understood’s company, Screaming Queens Entertainment. Got a taste for Brad Walsh’s stunning shots? Head to his website! Yearning for Acosta? Keep those peeper peeled for Amnesia Sparkles. As for Zach – he’s out there somewhere being dreamy.

By the way, Cord’s very pleased with the results. Will we be seeing more of Princess Cordless? Who knows, but we hear another Queertian will be transformed in the near future…

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  • Kenneth Hill

    Awesome video. Cord is a hottie as both a man and a woman — but good lordy, that wig is so wrong for her! She’d be way more adorable in something short and sassy, or an up-do.

    Andrew — when can we expect to see YOUR video, please???


  • internjoseph

    OMG Amazing! She looks nothing like Cord, but the laugh gives it away haha

  • Heather_L_James

    Aww as gorge as Princess Cordless is, I have to ask, does Cord date trannies?!?!?!? (fingers crossed) Hey, a girl can dream damn it!

  • hephaestion

    He would look great as a woman if they hadn’t painted eyebrows on 3 inches over his eyes. Why did they do that?? Just leave the eyebrows alone and don’t put so much eye makeup on if you want him to really see what he’d look like as a woman. He didn’t get to see what he’d look like as a woman… He only got to see what he’d look like as a bad drag queen here.

  • Rowen

    He’s straight? What’s with the designer “ghetto” hoodie perched precariously on his head and the Little Orphan Annie Locket?

  • dizzyspins

    Rowen: you must not live in NYC. When i first moved here, i thought every boy south of 14th Street was a card-carrying homo.

    I have to agree–Cord couldve been a very striking woman, but they ended up making him look like a drag queen with a crusty old mop for hair. too bad.

  • Quijibo

    oh lord. Cord = JLo!

  • Matt

    At first he looked like a Tyra look a like then after a while he looked like Beyonce’s mom!!!

  • Sammie

    i have to agree with hep he doesn’t look how a woman would look in reality. he does however just look like a man in drag *not gonna say it’s bad as i don’t think it is* just dissapointing for him to be made up as a queen and not a woman. l’au naturel would have looked much nicer. i think he looks good though i just don’t agree with the title of what you say he’s transformed into. I have certainly never seen a woman wear that amount of make-up and that ott.

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