The New Rules of Dating: 4 Ways Dating Has Changed In The Last Five Years

gay-datingTechnology advances at warp speed. And that means if you’re in the online dating pool, you’d better keep up if you don’t want to be left on the digital sidelines. The game changes, and fast.

We teamed up with Compatible Partners to find out some trends they’ve been following in the last five years. It’s not too late to snag that perfect Valentine.

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Here are four new rules of dating you might want to consider:

Rule #1: Multi-dating is the new norm

When online dating first emerged, it opened up a whole new world. Suddenly, it wasn’t so hard to arrange a date every weekend. But that was just a warm-up phase. The convenience of modern dating platforms makes it possible to communicate and meet up with potential love interests as often as you’d like — and we’re not just talking 3AM Grindr dates. That means more people are keeping multiple dates in their hip pockets. Better not to put all your emotional eggs in one basket if you want to stay afloat in the dating pool.

Rule #2: Attention spans are at an all-time low

Leaving dating apps and websites aside for the moment, consider the energy pulls that people face on a daily basis. E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Queerty (naturally), Instagram, Tumbler, etc. All of these services have combined to create an atmosphere of instant gratification. Add back in all the avenues for finding Mr. Right and you’ve got yourself some serious competition for attention. That means your profiles need to reflect the best image of yourself. If all you get is a fleeting pause during a two-fingered page scroll, you’d better make that second count. Check out our five easy tips for a better online dating profile if you need some pointers.

Rule #3: There are many fish in the sea

No, we don’t mean dates — that’s nothing new. The fish we’re referring to are the dating platforms themselves. Just like you shouldn’t put all your emotional eggs in one basket, only using one dating site or app doesn’t do your dating life any favors. We hate to sound so transactional about it, but diversify your platforms and you’ll see your love life blossom in new ways. There’s no harm in trying out a new service — you may be pleasantly surprised.

Rule #4: Dating is an industry

Online dating isn’t the only thing that’s evolved in the last five years. Dating itself has become a major industry. A simple Amazon search reveals entire books on the subject — Gay Men’s Guide to Love and Relationships, Gay Dating 101, and Gay Dating Success to name a few. There are coaches who make a living off getting people prepped for diving into the dating pool. Your job is to see it all for what it is, recognize when and how to take advantage of all the great resources out there, and decide when to just let your intuition be your guide.