The NY Post Makes Extra Sure To Spit On Corpse Of Dead Trans-woman

How did The New York Post cover the burning death of the 47-year-old trans-sex worker Coco Blue? By calling her a crack-smoking, tranny hooker, of course. Jesus, did Katy Perry or Israel Luna write this headline? Of course, Rupert Murdoch’s anti-queer rag didn’t care much for the state’s recent passage of marriage equality either. Oh well, RuMur has probably been too busy to edit his own paper, being dead and under international investigation for hacking everyone’s cellphones and all.

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  • Jon Tom

    You know what they say about karma…

  • Red

    I appreciate your gusto, but her name was actually Dee. The witness was named Coco Blue.

  • Henry

    @Jon Tom: “It doesn’t exist?” Sons of bitches get away with everything in this world.

  • inoits2

    They need to learn to use the right PC terms! They should have described her as a chemically challenged, transgender, sex worker.

  • Pedro

    I’m rather ambivalent when it comes to transexuality…I’m not really into genital mutilation…it makes me want to retch just thinking about it. However, everyone deserves a little dignity and respect, even in death, and I do think this headline was rather tasteless, but hey it’s the Post…

  • ashton cruz

    Look I love my cock, its juicy fat, long and uncut, but I dread to know what it would feel to live your life hating that juicy monster between your legs. Must be hell, so how about some fucking courtesy? For all we know Casey Anthony was a sugar crackhead cross-dressing baby, yet they portray her as an angel. We deserve the same amount of media ambivalence as that fetus with legs got, so call the network and bitch. Fight people, fight!

  • Pedro

    @ashton cruz: “fetus with legs”? You’re disgusting, please stay the fuck away from children, as in all of them. And the little girl’s name was Cayley you asshole, her murderer/mom is named Casey!

  • ChrisC

    @ashton cruz: High? Or just trolling?

  • Pedro's Brain

    @Pedro: Take a chill pill, dude. Anyone can say something stupid — just look at your comments. …I rest my case.

  • jason

    The New York Post is a vile, filthy rag run by Australian turd blossoms. Rupert Murdoch’s diarrhea is another way of describing them. Note how naughty Rupert is having his problems in the UK right now.

  • Daez

    I can not believe anyone would actually defend tranny hookers. Seriously, even as a transgendered person, why would you defend them? They are making their money by lying about their identity to their clients. They are part of the problem that people mention when they talk about the amount of dishonesty and misleading in the transgendered community.

  • laughriotgirl

    @Daez: I know plenty of “tranny hookers” and I can’t think of a single one who would need to lie about their identity. It’s actually the selling point and lets them command a higher fee.

    Even on the street (where I assume the subject worked), the girls tend to clump together where the trans girls work one area and the cis girls work in the others. So, no need to lie or otherwise mislead a client.

    Even if the deceased was going around tricking men into paying for sex with her, the story is about how she died in a fire in the place where she lived. The issue is the way it was reported and the continuing issue with the commentary on the news site (and to a lesser extent) the comments here. (Seriously folks, a person is dead, is it appropriate to talk about how much you like your person sex-bits?). So, the slut-shaming and feeding the “tranny trick” meme seems pretty unproductive.

  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    @Daez: I couldn’t agree more. Drug addicted Tranny prostitutes, over dressed cross dressers and leather dressed Transvestites looking for a sexual thrill is what the public thinks of when they hear the word transgender, so why in the HELL would any medically diagnosed HBS Transsexual want to be included in any alliance with the likes of them. As for the Tranny hooker this person made their life what it was they had the choice of fighting to change it or just living the way that was easiest they choose what was easiest so I wouldn’t lose any sleep over them it’s no great lose.

  • inoits2

    Let’s just look at this a minute.

    She was a working as a drug addict: Stupid and probably going to kill you one way or the other.

    She was a prostitute: Stupid and probably going to kill you one way or the other.

    She was a using an unused trailer to turn tricks and get high: Stupid and probably going to kill you one way or the other.

    Although it’s sad she died, its even more sad the way she lived. She is not a victim, she made the wrong choices.

  • Alice

    Wow @Diaz! I expected the cis men on this site to shoot their mouths off and say ridiculous things about trans women “oh, genital mutilation… I would never cut off my penis…” That’s not at all surprising coming from cis men on these sites. But a trans person pulling the victim-blaming “tr*nny deceiver” meme? You make me very sad.
    Like @laughriotgirl said… someone is dead, not only that but a member of our own community and the best we can muster up for her is cis men worrying about losing their penises and the “classic” deceiver meme used to victim-blame.
    This is just disgusting people, really… :(

  • Ian

    @ashton cruz: Amen. Some trans women (the ones who can’t transition) would benefit from penis pride. They tend to feel bad about penises, including their own penises, because of how straight males use them. Good thing we have gay men around to remind us that penis doesn’t have to be like that.

  • Daez

    @Alice: If you see enough death, which I have because I work in a career where I see death constantly, you start to realize that human life really isn’t all that precious just because it is human life. It is what you do with it that matters at all. Being a crack tranny whore means you didn’t believe your life mattered at all, so why in the hell should I? Just because you are a tranny whore that most likely lied to men just so you could blow them for $10? I don’t think so!

  • Ian

    @Daez: Thankfully, people living normal lives not surrounded by death don’t become douchebags.

  • Alice

    @Daez again with the “tr*nny deceiver” meme… you realise that spreading that BS around gets trans women killed, and not just the sex workers that you’ve taken it upon yourself to decide their value (pretty low apparently). I’m glad you’re not in a position to decide my worth to the world… I have enough assholes doing that in my life already.
    And could we lose the “tr*nny” BS… really… a trans person using that slur to put down others in our community is just sad really.

    I was wondering when the HBSers were going to show up. :s

  • laughriotgirl

    @Daez: “Being a crack tranny whore means you didn’t believe your life mattered at all”

    Or is means you didn’t see many other options. While there may be a self-destructive mindset that happens when one in in the situation where they are on drugs and homeless and doing survival sex work – that generally isn’t the person’s grand intention. Rather it usually happens as a result of needing to make a series of choices simply trying to survive and deal with the results of the previous series of choices.

    Honestly, I have far more sympathy for the subject of this article than I have for some douche tranny who is so disconnected from the realities of human death and suffering that they can post crap like you have and blame it on their career.

  • JM


    Yes, let us look at this for a minute…

    “She was a working as a drug addict:” Addicts don’t decide to keep using; that’s why they are called addicts.

    “She was a prostitute:” A profession that’s pretty common among people living in poverty. Can you really blame her for not being able to find a decent job like you have?

    “She was a using an unused trailer to turn tricks and get high:” Which is what impoverished drug addicts do when they have no place to live, a decent job, and are prostitutes.

    “Although it’s sad she died, its even more sad the way she lived. She is not a victim, she made the wrong choices.”

    How many choices did this person have in her life? Really, show some compassion. I’m not defending the lifestyle – it *is* pretty messed up – but it’s causes and consequences are worth trying to understand.

    Don’t just call people stupid because they have a shitty life. That’s like me calling you a dumbass for not being a millionaire. Dumbass. :P

    As a footnote… this all happened in Jamaica. I suspect that there are fewer opportunities for trans people, addicts, and prostitutes to turn their life around than in other countries. Context, folks. Read the source.

  • skrillex

    Do people seriously think that just because a person lived a life in a way that harmed themselves, possibly not even by choice, they deserve to get publicly humiliated by a newspaper when they die? If that’s honestly your position, you can’t in all honesty tell yourself you’re a kind and decent human being. Respect isn’t something we ~bestow on people as a reward for living up to our personal moral expectations. It’s something we just give people, because to withold it is to become just like the bigots we all claim to hate. If I can criticise the disgusting way the public were encouraged to celebrate Osama bin Laden’s death, then I can certainly criticise this completely vile way they described the death of this trans PERSON who probably mattered to at least one other loved one in her life.

  • JM

    @skrillex: Nicely put!

  • inoits2

    @JM: Jamaica QUEENS.

    I understand perfectly well but it doesn’t change the facts. Compassion doesn’t mean shit..its just that your heart bleeds. There is a thing called personal responsibility.

    1. She started doing drugs at some point and made that decision. I am sure unless she was under a rock she must have know it wasn’t a good idea. Like smokers, they know.

    2. Yes I do blame her. She could work at McDonalds or cleaning toilets. Being poor isn’t an excuse for going into a criminal lifestyle.

    3. She had plenty of choices. Trans people have every right to be just that, however there are serious consequences for that decision. (I didn’t make the world) Telling people to just be themselves is easy when you don’t have to be them. Pisses me off when assholes tell gay teens to come out. They probably will pay dearly by possibly being kicked out. Better to wait to til you grad college. Unless you are independently wealthy.

    I am a dumbass for not being a millionaire…I should have worked harder.

  • inoits2

    @skrillex: I never feel differently about someone after they die. That would be dishonest.

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