The Only Story About Mr. Buell’s Anti-Gay Teachings Just Disappeared From The Web

Just after we at Queerty said that Buell has a right to share his disgust about marriage equality during his private time on Facebook as long as it doesn’t affect his teaching duties, Queerty-reader Scott Rose sent along a link to an interview with one of Mr. Buell’s former students. The student gave his account of an in-class instance of Buell’s homophobia. But strangely, the post with the student’s story at has suddenly disappeared.

At this point, we have reached out to the blogger behind to determine why the blogmaster pulled the story. We will keep you posted. In the meanwhile, we offer the original account here:

The clearest and most specific example I can provide of Jerry Buell’s anti-gay remarks in the classroom happened my 11th grade year (2001-2002) during his American History course. Before explaining this occurrence, I would like to first comment on Mr. Buell’s classroom. Among several things hung around the room, Bible verses were spread across the walls, accented by a picture of Jesus Christ above the clock. While there may have been some additional quotes from other scholars and philosophers, the signs were predominantly Christian. And while, yes, Buell’s number one rule was/is Respect, I personally fail to find how those signs are equally respectful to other religions in a public school classroom or how his statement respects human life.

… a student provocatively asked Mr. Buell what he thoughts about gays in the military. I tensed, knowing full well the point of view to follow in Mr. Buell’s response.

I looked up when he said he supported gays in the military, stunned by the answer. He immediately followed that comment with the statement that we should then put them on the front lines, and pull back. Disgusted at the thought of violence and murder of humans being vocally supported, I shut my book and walked out of class, the only time I would ever do this during my educational career.

I returned at the closing bell to raise the issue with Mr. Buell. He noted my actions could be grounds for discipline, to which I countered by noting that his comments, if reported, would be the same. I also pointed out that the man in the picture hanging above the clock never advocated murdering another human being.

I didn’t report him then, and am sharing this story now to simply provide an example of Buell’s personal opinions infiltrating his classroom and teaching. His statements in recent media stories that he values students equally and loves his gay students I personally believe are inaccurate given my experiences as a student and alumni of his classrooms.

Whether the blogmaster responds or not, the remaining question is whether other students will come forward with their own stories about Buell’s alleged anti-gay animus. A big part of the case against Mr. Buell pretty much hinges on it.

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  • Cam

    “Just after we at Queerty said that Buell has a right to share his disgust about marriage equality during his private time on Facebook as long as it doesn’t affect his teaching duties,””

    By publically putting his bigoted views out there he is letting homophobes and bigots know that they will be protected in his classroom if they pick on gays.

    Why, as a gay blog do you feel this is somehow different than if he had said that the thought of women working made him puke, they should be in the house. Or what if he had said that the thought of blacks marrying whites made him puke.

    He would be fired for those. Because by exposing such massive bigotry he IS poisoning the educational environment of his students. Why should gays be the only group that seems not to care whether or not people who violently oppose our rights to exist have access to the minds of children?

  • Lefty

    Good work, Daniel/Scott.

  • Hyhybt

    “By publically putting his bigoted views out there he is letting homophobes and bigots know that they will be protected in his classroom if they pick on gays.”

    Not NECESSARILY true. Whatever this guy may be like, it’s entirely possible to find a group of people sickening and to say so (on your own time) and still to behave yourself and follow the rules while at work and expect others to do the same.

    Now, if the claims in *this* article are true…

  • Jakey

    Wow, glad that was saved. I read it before it disappeared, and yikes. It is worth reading.

  • Jessica Naomi

    I blog with Scott Rose on our blog Antigay Scares Me. It seems that Scott’s interviewee Bryan Blaise did not like the lead, and disagrees with Scott’s opinion that Jerry Buell is a gay basher. Bryan did not disagree with his own quotes but he thinks that bloggers need to get the permission of interviewees about what leads are acceptable to them before the quotes they provide on the record are used. Because Bryan bitched, Scott removed the blog using Bryan’s quotes. Bryan emailed Scott and me, “if you had acurately represented the publication for which you were writing, I would have repsectfully declined” so his quotes were removed as he obviously did not think that his quotes about the gay bashing Buell would be used in a blog about the gay bashing Buell with the lead that Buell is a gay basher.

  • Tony

    Interesting…I have saved of copy of post…just in case it disappears from this site as well. I will be re-posting it in other forums. You know what they say, once it’s on the internet it never goes away.

  • Andy

    @Cam: Bravo to Cam.

  • Ogre Magi

    I am so tired of christians and all their crap

  • David Ehrenstein

    How long before Buell is found toe-tapping or Craig’s Listing? Anybody wanna bet?

  • Sam


    Cam, you are talking about a blog that calls gay people “queer,” and which publishes pieces by Villarreal demanding that gays admit that they all want to indoctrinate children. So why wouldn’t the same blog support an overtly homophobic teacher. The self-hatred and internalized homophobia is completely consistent.

  • Sam

    BTW, the entire AntiGayBigotryScaresMe blog is now gone. Not just the one post, the whole blog. I guess it really scared them.

  • Shannon1981

    Sounds like a bible thumping nightmare to me. And they must have threatened this blog owner something fierce. United States of bigotry is an appropriate name.

  • anon

    @David Ehrenstein: I’m going to guess that he hasn’t done those things yet, but he will in the next few months.

  • NiteStar

    @Jessica Naomi: It’s sad that the kid would act like that. Frankly, I think it’s out of fear, and other related reasons. I mean, the kid still is in school in that district, right? Perhaps Bryan is fearful of repercussions, and is facing pressure from the school district, friends, and family?

    Still, if Bryan wasn’t refuting the quotes, then there really was no reason to pull the article. But that’s just IMHO. :)

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