The Pentagon Didn’t Ask Troops If They Like Going To Iraq, Nor If They Wanted To Serve With Out Gays

We don’t poll the force about potential military operations. We didn’t poll the army that says, you know, do you agreee with 12 or 15 month-long combat tours. So I think that this notion that a referendum is contrary to our tradition and customs and I would not like to see us travel down that path. The work that Mr. Johnson and I undertook was rather can we do this, and I think our report answers that pretty clearly.

—Army Gen. Carter Ham, who helped lead the Pentagon’s DADT study, speaking on a conference call yesterday, explaining why researchers didn’t ask troops if the law should be repealed

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  • Cam

    FINALLY somebody is saying this.

    They don’t poll the soldiers on anything, they tell them what to do. It’s only when they were hoping that the soldiers would support their own bigotry that they pushed for a poll.

    I never saw McCain pushing for a poll when he was absent or voting against increases in military benefits….funny.

  • the crustybastard

    So the general who led the “study” which included a poll of what the servicemembers think thinks that polls asking what servicemembers thinks is stupid?

    Well…yeah. I mean, no shit, SIR.

    And it wasn’t just the poll that was stupid either. So was the entire superfluous, redundant, and insulting “study,” whose real purpose was to put off the “repeal” vote until December.

    This whole thing has been an unmitigated fustercluck. All it has proven is that the Obama Administration (a) isn’t nearly as clever as they think they are, and (b) is only interested in being fully Buzzword Compliant with respect to gay rights, not actually advancing them.

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