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The Queerty Week in Comments: Sullybear Slam, Bedroom Behavior, Tracy Morgan’s Hate Parade

Time for the Queerty weekend post with ten of the most compelling, thought-provoking (or just the down-right bitchy) comments that came directly from you! Or just had us chuckling to ourselves in the office.

1. Andrew Sullivan is this entertaining pendulum that swings from being one of the most brilliant critical thinkers in the online LGBT blogosphere to being a sad cartoon of Sarah Palin in ManDrag.

His lecture two years ago at Princeton on the “Politics of Homosexuality” is one of the most clear, concise and brilliant explanations of why we have both made the progress we have, and why we have not made significantly more than that.

DavidinSF has mixed feelings for Sullybear as he explains on Andrew Sullivan: The HRC and Democrats Won’t Win Us Equality

2. The fact that she is being interviewed and reduced to answering questions about her sexual orientation speaks volumes. Would a black person ever be subjected to having to discuss the politics of color to someone like Piers Morgan? He wouldn’t dare even go there. This is exactly what I mean by the straight white male labeling everyone else that is different from him so as not to identify himself. Either way, Piss off Piers Morgan.

ewe raises a more complex question on Is Wanda Sykes Right When She Says Being Gay Is Harder Than Being Black?

3. Has anyone read up on David Caton, the main guy of the FFA? He’s a porn and sex addict who is supposedly recovering. As we all know the saying when you point a finger at someone you have more pointing back at you? He is just trying to cover up for all the homosexual sex he has had and watched on the computer. I bet he has a huge x-tube account full of gay porn.

Kevin speculates on Florida Family Association Warns All Of Orlando About Gays At Disney World

4. Her fate could have been avoided if she had a sassy gay friend.

“WHAT. WHAT. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Sleeping with your 12-year-old son!”

“She’s a stupid bitch.”

Adrian Acosta brings in an LOL reference to Traditional Texas Mother Suspected of Having Sex with 12-yr-old

5. He’s not actively trying to intrude in other people’s bedrooms (like many cheating Republicans were), so I see no reason to intrude into his (unless he invites me, and hey, a guy can dream). But at least man up when you mess up, dude! If I’m ever a politician, and caught in a sex scandal, I promise to come clean immediately and not lie to the people who elected me. I also promise to know the difference between sending an e-mail and sending a tweet.

Sean makes his political intentions clear on Anthony Weiner Apologizes for Cyber-Seduction But Not For Chest Waxing

6. If by “forgive” you mean “invite him to suck a fart out of my ass” then yes, I forgive Ken Mehlman. A hundred times.

The crustybastard sounds resolved on Will You Forgive Ken Mehlman Now That He’s Fighting For Marriage Equality?

7. She refused to answer so as not to offend gays and GOProud? Seems more logical than she’d refuse to answer as to not alienate her conservative base. She doesn’t have a problem offending gays, so why would she play coy unless she had a liberal answer?

–Kev C switches it up on GOProud’s Conserva-Hag Ann Coulter Can’t Answer A Simple Gay Question

8. Guys, that wasn’t Justin Beiber, it was his Lesbian stunt double. Silly gays.

Adrian Acosta pulls out another LOL this time on

9. Unfortunately I had the pleasure of reading this article first on Yahoo News. The comments on their news articles are generally a good indication of public sentiment, although one must filter out the obvious psycho nutjobs. Almost all of the comments for this story were trans-phobic at best and grotesque at worst. It really disappointed me. We seem to be making progress for gay folks but not bringing transgendered people with us. The prison officials, while definitely not known for their smarts, are sticking their heads in the sand in this case. Honestly, who would think it’s a good idea to keep a MTF person among the general male prison population?

Andrew makes an interesting observation on public opinion of transgender coverage in a mainstream news outlet and shares it on Virginia Prisons Don’t Do Sex Changes, So She Tried Castrating Herself

10. I want to see how NBC reacts. I suspect they’ll try and wait it out see if it blows over. We need to let NBC know we won’t be forgetting this. NBC is in a very poor ratings position. They can’t afford to lose viewers from 30 Rock. Hold NBC’s feet to the fire.

Tony takes on Tracy Morgan’s homophobic remarks on UPDATE: The HRC Does NOT Accept Tracy Morgan’s Apology For His Anti-Gay Rant