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The Second You Type ‘Drag Queen’ In A Wall Post, Facebook Will Be Slapping You With Weave Ads

While I’m not the world’s biggest big brother conspiracy theorist, word that Facebook is going to target ads in real-time is just a smidge scary. How come? Because as AdAge explains, your real-time conversation — comments you post on your friends wall, links you share on yours, quips you post to a photo — will be immediately trafficked through Facebook’s ad machine to deliver an ad just as you’re clicking “Post.” For now it’s in trial mode, with “just” 1 percent of Facebook’s users (or 6 million people) being targeted at lightspeed. And it’s no secret Facebook’s real value is in all the data (and facial recognition) it’s been able to mine. But think twice about the next time you comment on your pal’s raunchy Black Party back room photos, because “Dude, I hope you were using a condom!” might pop up a giant Wet Platinum advert. If you’re among the 6 million being real-time targeted, let us know what type of fun ads are popping up after you mention your affinity for Modern Family or RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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