The Website (Not Called Craigslist) Where Men Pass Each Other Private Notes

We’re not quite sure what to think of The Wishing Well, the latest in the Tumblr-y “make anything a meme” culture (See: This Is Why You’re Fat, People Of Walmart). The premise: Gay men leave each other notes. Great! It’s very much like Craigslist’s Missed Connections we think, or maybe Post Secret. And as equally a time suck.

There are some very tender scribblings:


We met almost three years ago, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of you with all of my heart. You are an inspiration. In another era, under different circumstances, we would have been together… and it would have been amazing.

I love you. Always and forever.


Sorrowful posts:

My partner has cancer and requires constant attention. I wish someone would hold me and allow me to feel comforted.


i cheat on you every night…
i meet guys on the net i go out to my car and swallow there cocks or fuck them over the bonnet… have a smoke to cover the sex smells have a shower and hop back into bed with you.

And star-crossed lovers:

Ralph, we used to have great sex in high school. What happened to us? Life has changed for both of us now. You’re married with two kids and I’m working on my Master’s. All I get is a lousy phone call from you twice a year now. I wish it could be more than that but I know it can’t. Just know that I miss you terribly, especially your sex. A lover like you I’ve yet to find. Good luck in life and I love you.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster with each click. Or at least it is for whoever is writing these things.