There Just Had To Be a Gay Angle In The Nazish Noorani Murder

On Tuesday, Nazish Noorani, 27, was fatally shot while strolling down a quiet New Jersey street with her husband, Kashif Parvaiz, 26, and their young son. Newspapers and television news have been abuzz with the news that Parvaiz, who was also wounded in the attack, has been arrested in conjunction with the killing, allegedly a premeditated hit planned with his mistress.

But what would a good murder scandal be without a whiff of homosexual intrigue? According to the New York Post, just hours before the shooting Parvaiz had elderly gay friend Martin Ragusa sign over his share of a Queens apartment building worth more than $9 million.

Margueritte Ragusa, Martin’s stepmother, called Parvaiz a “con man,” who convinced her frail stepson to sign away his shares. “He’s a very handsome young man, and I know Marty liked him,” Mrs. Ragusa said, [Marty would] say, ‘He’s like a son to me.'” The two men met when Parvaiz was just 14 and doing maintenance work  for Ragusa. According to the Post, the suspect had a “Svengali-like hold” on the older man.

Mrs. Ragusa said that her stepson is gay and that the smooth-talking Parvaiz would often spend the night at his home, though she did not know if they had a sexual relationship.

Ugh, is this what happens when they let heterosexuals marry?