There’s Only One Word To Describe This Pigture

Chinese farmer Liu Shuping got a bit of a seemingly lucky surprise when one of her porkers birthed this pig with one head, two mouths, two noses and three eyes. Why seemingly lucky? Because pigs are good luck in China. And, by some freakish coincidence, it also happens to be the year of the pig. Spooky.

This little pig’s birth’s especially spooky considering that there have been reports of another deformed pig born with two mouths and four eyes.

As for the one word to describe this picture – we’re torn between “disgusting” and “cute”. Maybe we can break our own rule and say “disgustingly cute”?

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  • noah

    Isn’t this just an example of a conjoined twin? A fertilized egg begins to split to form twins but fail and resulting in two twins that share one body. There’s nothing spooky about it. Now if Ann Coulter woke up one day with two heads, that would be twice as scary as normal!

  • jackejett

    ooh my god…barbara bush has had another child!!

    you may be looking at the president of the united states for 2038.

    jack jett

  • Bill

    I smell bacon!!

  • FizziekruntNT

    Lucky pig, indeed. I’m sure it’ll be doubly-delicious dim sum if it even makes it past weening. I wonder how many of their daughters were born the same way. Ain’t economic progress great?!

    Suddenly, that organic salad is looking really tasty.

  • gaycurmudgeon

    That two-faced pig!

  • Paul Raposo

    gaycurmudgeon, I actually laughed out loud when I read that. Thank you 8^)

  • nystudman

    Considering what polluted shithole China’s become, the farm’s probably next to a factory.,

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