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These Models Know How To Keep Each Other Warm And Cozy

1Cozy5-Hawai-2XistThis Underwear Expert exclusive shoot by Jerrad Matthew is the first of a three-part “Warm Up” series featuring models Callum Aylott and Josh Stevenson in thermal clothing. Retreating from the world and its inclement weather, the men wear styles of underwear and thermal clothing that provide high amounts of coverage through a single layer — the ideal comfort for staying in bed with a cuddle buddy. By making the one layer count, the models are dressed appropriately for going nowhere in their thermal clothing.

Technically speaking, onesies offer the most full-coverage, but this photo shoot features two onesies, each with different levels of coverage. The Rufskin onesie worn by Josh (the stud with tattoos) is styled like a tank, and thus more breathable than the American Apparel onesie. The American Apparel onesie is designed with long sleeves and modeled by Callum (the cute ginger). Of course, if you’re fortunate enough to have a cuddle buddy, a long pair of boxers, say by Jor or HAWAI, is all you really need in your thermal clothing wardrobe. Your cuddle buddy should make up the extra warmth.

You can see more of this photo shoot, and for more information on the looks modeled, by going to The Underwear Expert.

1Cozy4-Tani 1Cozy1-AmericanApparel 1Cozy5-Hawai-2Xist 1Cozy3-Diesel-AmericanApparel

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew for The Underwear Expert