They’re Gonna Do Yoga Outside Dan Choi’s DADT Trial

dan choiThousands of members of the LGBT community are descending on Washington, DC, to bear witness to the Supreme Court hearings on marriage equality.

But others are coming  to protest the trial of Lt. Dan Choi, who was arrested for chaining himself to the White House at a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell demonstration in 2010.

Instead of lighting candles or carrying placards, though, Choi’s supporters will be getting into downward dog and pigeon pose.

On Wednesday and Thursday morning at 8am, Julia Romano will lead a yoga and meditation session for justice outside the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse, where attorneys are presenting closing arguments

As decorated veteran and celebrated gay activist Lt. Dan Choi prepares himself for closing arguments, supporters from across the country are gathering in solidarity in order to plan actions to stand with him in the buildup for his trial. Events planned this week have been scheduled to show solidarity with Lt. Choi’s court struggle, which due to the nature of the charges leveled has thus far prevented him from re-enlisting in the United States Army…

We got Dan’s back but, given that our back is shot, we’ll be sending him positive vibes from the couch.