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This Gay Teen ‘Will End My Life’ If He’s Outed By A Corbin Fisher BitTorrent Lawsuit

I have been scared to death every since I heard about this. I live with my family and if they find out about this, I feel I will end my life. My family senses something is wrong, they keep asking me what has happened, I have not been able to eat and I am paralyzed with fear. If a letter comes, they will know immediately it is true and they will know this is what the terror they have been reading in my face is, I will not be believed if I try to say, like they have offered that, I was looking at ‘straight’ porn. I will be thrown out of the house, with nowhere to go and no options. I realize I was wrong but I was not profiting over it, I never uploaded a torrent, nor did I try to seed after it was done so I thought it would be okay, I do not have the money for any settlement and this will ruin my life. … If get sued, I will end my life first. I am not a U.S. citizen but now I live and study in [the] U.S., and I can’t afford any trials. I won’t let my parents know my secrets, and I am afraid of losing my friends. The day I am out is definitely the day I am dead. I never know that this can cause so much trouble because in my limited knowledge none was sued for just downloading without profit issues. Now I am wrong. I haven’t downloaded anything after i got to know this matter.

—The words of a real-life gay teen who fears for his life if Corbin Fisher moves ahead with lawsuits against illegal filesharers. But wait, didn’t the porn company insist the chances of a kid actually being kicked out of his house, or harming himself, or taking his own life because of a lawsuit was … slim to none? This young man just promised to prove them wrong. Who’s gonna call the other’s bluff? Because that’s really a game we should be playing. (In our conversations with this young man, we’re encouraging him to get in touch with counselors at the Trevor Project, which can certainly do more to guide him through a harrowing ordeal like this than we.)