This Is Video Of Ricky Martin And ‘Partner In Crime’ Carlos Gonzalez Abella Laughing Together

[Video removed by request]

Yeah yeah, Ricky Martin won the Vito Russo Award, and you don’t know what for either. But the real news out of Saturday night’s GLAAD Media Awards in New York City was singer’s first public acknowledgement of his boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez Abella, whom he called his “partner in crime.” I call him “what’s standing in my way of marrying Ricky,” but that’s neither here nor there.

Ricky accepting his trophy thing:



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  • Matt

    It is OK to be jealous of Carlos.

  • Harbo

    LOucky Carlos. I’m proud of Ricky. He’s a great representative for us all.

  • niles

    Don’t you be hatin on Carlos with your snippy comments about Ricky.

  • Mattybear

    If Carlos and Ricky want to adopt me, I would be happy to go :)

  • RM

    @Mattybear: Can you sing? Do you have tattoos?


  • Adonis-of-Fire

    His boyfriend is FU-GLY
    Looks like the typical cuban/rican queen trying to look macho by growing a goatee. Chil’ please.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    His boyfriend is FU-GLY, looks like a typical cuban queen trying to look macho by growing a goatee. Chiiiiil’ please.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Adonis-of-Fire: your comment is STU-PID. Because he isn’t your type doesn’t make him unattractive.

    I’ll let someone else get in your business about your ignorant racism.

  • craig

    The title of this article is a weird description of the video. Ricky and Carlos aren’t laughing with each other. Boyfriend Carlos is the guy seated beside Ricky, right? They are both laughing with other people at the table for the whole long video and don’t even make eye contact with each other much less share a laugh.

    The thank you was very nice but, unless Carlos had snuck off to the toilet, it was weird the camera person didn’t do a reaction shot of Carlos in the audience the way they normally do at award shows.

  • niles

    @Ass-of-fire The only fugly is your black heart.

  • KevinATL

    Ricky Martin has been so dignified in every interview I’ve seen. Just the manner in which he speaks to gay youth. He tells them of his struggles, of his struggles with coming out and his happiness and joy after coming out. I really admire that he devoted so much of his story to our youth who are in most need of that support system, and to have it from a kind, succesful gay man is amazing. Beyond that, he’s extremely talented and although I was not much of a fan of his music in the 90s, his music and latest CD…I swear touches me everytime I listen to it. Each song is from the heart and packed with emotion and meaning. Love the guy.

  • no TV

    “it was weird the camera person didn’t do a reaction shot of Carlos”

    The camera person is Boy Culture blogger, I guess he thought taping Ricky’s speech was more important.

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