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This Lesbian Spider-Queen Must Hunt Down Her Slaves

Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars is a new web game on The Cartoon Network’s, where players act as the Spider-Queen who must travel through an 8-bit maze to collect her (topless) slaves. Hmmm. I’m going to stick to Dragon Age 2 for my same-sex sexual gaming quota. Though to be fair, this Spider-Queen is only half the disaster that is the one in Broadway’s Spider-man. [via]

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  • daphny

    why is it a disaster?

  • AJ

    I think they were trying (key word: trying) to be clever and/or witty.

  • jason appears to be very homophobic.

  • Charles

    Should we be concerned that her special lady place is a hungry spider mouth in that image?

  • daphny


  • daphny

    the only thing adult swim is guilty of is making us take the nipples out

  • Red Meat

    @Charles: Vaginas are a terrifying place.

  • pixel

    This game is awesome. I’m so sick of heterosexist games where you have to save the princess. (Spoiler Alert:) Punishing your former lesbian spider lover is far more fulfilling.

  • Scott E.

    Lol this game is fun. You have to admit it’s addictive.

  • Alex

    Addiction is for drugs. I prefer my games to be fun. This one is.

  • Charlie Jackpot

    looks like Gaga

  • auntie

    agree with post, why would i want to play a queer game by queer women for free when i could pay sixty bucks to play a pile of bland corporate dreck

  • gomez

    Who doesn’t want to be a lesbian spider queen? I mean besides Jason, of course.

  • RictorRockets

    Geezy Pete, Ryan, did you actually spend more than a minute playing or doing any research about the game before getting all snarky about it? It’s a clever send up on Wizard Of War (so there’s your sweet retro cred) and it actually was written by a lesbian transwoman. And there’s even BDSM/Safe Sane Consensual type messages in the mix. Why does the gay press spend all this time crying and crabbing about positive games for and by the gay community being written, and then kick it to the curb when something they claim they want to support finally comes out.

    It’s amazing that Adult Swim did it at all, given they are an Atlanta based company that is always butting heads with it’s P&S department. Bravo to them for going to bat for it.

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