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This Year’s Sexiest Cast Interprets Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’

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If you haven’t yet seen Richard Linklater’s new comedy Everybody Wants Some, get your butt to the theater pronto. That is unless you don’t like movies that are just brimming with homoeroticism and sexy men wearing next to nothing and forever slapping one another on their butts. The 1980-set fraternity comedy about a group of athletes sharing a house offers a sizzling showcase for some of today’s hottest young actors including Ryan Guzman (who memorably stalked J.Lo in The Boy Next Door), Tyler Hoechlin (who’ll appear in the Fifty Shades sequel), Wyatt Russell (son of Kurt), Glen Powell (from TV’s Scream Queens) and Blake Jenner (from Glee).

In the meantime, what some of the cast deliver their interpretation of Madonna‘s evergreen :Like a Virgin.”