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Thom Beirdz Didn’t Want His Neck Sagging During Y&R Scenes, So He Nipped And Tucked

Young and the Restless star Thom Beirdz, who returned to the series after a lengthy (written off) absence as an openly gay actor, says he got lipo (on his stomach and neck) and facial injections because he wants the soap’s writers to give his character Phillip Chancellor III a romantic love interest, and wants to look hot during that first homosexual smooch.

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  • porter

    well, at least he’s honest about it.

  • gregger

    unlike several people in daytime. Calling Dr Marlena, calling Dr. Marlena et al.

  • scott ny'er

    man, i used have a huge crush on him back in the 80s. He was soooo cute. He looks a little weird in that pic. I’m not sure if it’s aging or the plastic surgery. Still handsome but different.

  • Breckin

    Cool, he’s on Y&R again? My mom watched it and by the time I was old enough and interested he had left the show. Later my mom had a Y&R book and I used to sneak it and stare at his face in the one cast pic he was in and have umm, a lot of wishes and dreams. It’s weird, just from that one small pic I knew he was gay and I wanted him so bad. I ended up watching Y&R for years anyway because Eddie Cibrian was hot (even though somehow I knew he was straight). Aw the good old days of living at home, watching Y&R for the guys and immediately after my dad always had to have his The Bold and the Beautiful to stare at the women. If we couldn’t be there we taped it. It was our little secret that we were addicted to soap operas for their sex appeal and we still LOL about it. Nip and tucks or not if Thom is back on Y&R I might have to start watching again and relive/relieve some fantasies.

  • Breckin

    @Cam: Mmmpf!

  • Steven

    I watched his return to Y&R. His problem wasn’t how he looked. His problem was his acting. It’s horrific! He should have spent the money on acting classes.

  • Ealan75

    He was a little bit stiff during his comeback & he looked like he overdid it with the botox. But I get where he’s coming from- he’s in show business and if he wants to stay competitive, and the surgery will give him an edge- or even a little confidence boost- I say go for it.

  • Scoobie

    He looks OK — he hasn’t overdone the plastic surgery — yet, at least. He’s just doin’ what he has to do to compete in his field. Nothin’ wrong with that, but he badly needs help with his hair — it’s a terrible cut & a horrible dye job.

    Just a tip Thom — get a shorter cut, then get the color stripped out & go a bit lighter — maybe a medium brown, instead of the shoe polish black u have now. You’ll look a shitload better & u won’t have to get tons more plastic surgery every 6 seconds to compete with twinks 30 years younger. Isn’t that pretty much of a losing battle nobody can keep up for too long?

    Thom also needs to get a good acting coach cuz his acting really stinks up da joint . . .

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