Thomas Dekker Denies Anti-Gay Policy

Former Heroes actor Thomas Dekker came out against producer Bryan Fuller‘s claim that Dekker refused to play gay. Dekker’s character, Zach, has long been rumored to be a homo and fag fans scoffed at his not-so-heroic disappearance from the show. In response to their inquiries:

[Dekker’s] manager threatened to pull him from the show because he was up for the John Carter role in The Sarah Connor Chronicles and she didn’t want him playing a gay character because it might affect FOX’s interest in hiring him. It got really ugly. I was very upset by it – I was not happy about it at all.

Dekker, however, claims otherwise. He writes on his MySpace page:

I, nor my management have ever had any kind of problem with creating a gay character. To me acting is about being prepared to play all kinds of roles and it is an honor and a challenge to portray ANYTHING that comes my way.

“I want to make it VERY clear that me leaving Heroes has NOTHING to do with this ‘gay controversy.

There you have it, straight from the hero’s mouth.

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